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MotoGP France Le Mans J3 Pol Espargaró (Honda/11) : “j’ai utilisé une moto beaucoup plus longue, plus similaire à l’Aprilia ou à la Ducati” – Paddock GP

This weekend, the atmosphere was not like the weather of this edition of the Grand Prix de France, either in good shape, in the box of Pol Espargaró in particular and that of Honda in general. On the contrary, heavy black clouds hovered above the helmets of the pilots in RC213V and those in Repsol colors did not escape the crisis. Pol Espargaró, whose future after this year is more than vague, recounts his ordeal with the mention of a motorcycle with new measurements which unfortunately solved nothing…

This seventh round of the championship which took place at Le Mans as part of the French Grand Prix was a real purge for Pol Espargaro who was never able to overtake, whose tires overheated as he physically suffered at every turn on a Honda whose exclusivity he thus reveals…” I used a much longer bike, more similar to the Aprilia or Ducati, trying to regain weight for traction control. I ended up having back pain because I am away from the front wheel with my arms. We test a lot of things, it’s difficult, because what we test and take in the race is nothing extraordinary “.

Pol Espargaro: we thought we had our problem under control but it comes back, like a nightmare

The decor is set. And the Spaniard takes care of putting it a little more in relief: ” it was a very, very hard race. I think this weekend has confirmed where our issues are and what we need to work on. Our pace wasn’t amazing, it was good, but we couldn’t overtake because we were losing time accelerating. The problem is that I couldn’t pass. I lose ground accelerating towards other riders, so I can’t make up as much in the braking zone. The guys are then too far. It’s sad, but I’ve said it many times. It’s a tough time, but we keep trying “.

We have problems with high temperatures, it has been like this since the beginning of the year. When it’s hot, the grip level of the tires drops considerably he adds. ” At Honda, we all have the same problem. We thought we had it under control for a while, but now it’s coming back, like a nightmare. What you see is all there is, I couldn’t do more. Honda and I are working hard to resolve this situation. “finishes the brother of an Aleix who, meanwhile, subscribes to the podiums and plays for the title with a Aprilia

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