MotoGP et l’affaire de la pression basse des pneus : le directeur technique Danny Aldridge intervient et officialise une mesure corrective – Paddock GP

Matt Oxley’s article on low tire pressure in MotoGP races was very disturbing because it exposed a gray area known to insiders, who were fine with it, and who shouldn’t have, by the way , find themselves in the public square. But he will have had the merit of pressing hard enough where it hurts to accelerate the implementation of a corrective measure which was certainly in the pipeline, but which has just been formalized by the technical director Danny Aldridge. This time, we’re setting a date and in 2023, we could have surprises…

First there is the official communication: Following recent allegations in the media that some MotoGP teams have breached regulations regarding tire operating parameters, MotoGP Technical Director Danny Aldridge has issued the following statement: “In cooperation with the MSMA and following a request of the MSMA, the Technical Direction of the Championship is currently in the process of evaluating a new tire pressure monitoring protocol. This procedure should include the introduction of a unified system of sensors and receivers, because it is the only way to have reliable data for technical checks. In addition, a detailed protocol on how the new regulations will be applied has been discussed with the MSMA and it has been unanimously agreed that it will not be implemented before the start of the 2023 season.

“The accuracy of the pressure data cannot currently be verified”

“This protocol was previously agreed within the MSMA on condition that it be evaluated by all manufacturers during the 2022 season. To facilitate this evaluation, all manufacturers have unanimously agreed to freely share their riders’ tire data after each event with all other manufacturers. As this data is provided voluntarily and the sensors are individually calibrated by each sensor manufacturer, their accuracy cannot currently be verified.

“As agreed between Michelin, FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna, the tire regulations will continue to be applied as they have been for many years, under the supervision of the Technical Director and Michelin, until the proposed new procedure is ready to be introduced. » »

There was therefore a matter for discussion and action. There are also confidences that have been made. Thus, at Ducati, we would never be in the nails and for a long time, which implies that we are beyond error. At Yamaha, we want to be in the standard so much that we even add a little pressure, which explains a posteriori the problems of overheated tires because they are too inflated that we have already heard. At Aprilia, on the other hand, we must have high quality receiver sensors because we would never have been caught at fault… So is MotoGP. But in 2023, there will be no more excuses and there will be a legitimate basis for making complaints.

Pecco Bagnaia in Jerez

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