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MotoGP, Andrea Dovizioso : “Razlan Razali ne connaît pas bien le paddock et il ne sait pas comment se comporter dans certaines situations” – Paddock GP

We will end up wondering if the relationship between Andrea Dovizioso and the boss of his RNF team Razlan Razali will last until the end of this season. Admittedly, we are not yet at the exchange of bird names but we are all the same starting to steal nicely in the feathers in the nest of the Malaysian who would be on the verge of flying on his own with Aprilia in view of 2023. And therefore to abandon Yamaha, which is neither hot nor cold for Fabio Quartararo who has already said what he thinks of this satellite team. The triple vice-world champion knows he is under the heavy fire of criticism from Razali who, after all, refers to the more than disappointing results of his pilot. The Italian responded to the Malaysian at Le Mans, and it stings a bit…

Or Razlan Razali is unlucky, or makes the wrong choices and misses opportunities. The rise of the Malaysian has been remarkable under the colors of Petronas that he lost by missing the turn to renew the partnership. He gathered his strength to build this team NWA with the Italian brand With U happy to be able to count on the compatriot Andrea Dovizioso whose salary is paid by Yamaha. Now, we have to talk about the renewal – or not – of the technical alliance with Yamaha. And nothing is less certain that it will take place.

The signal was given by the factory pilot Fabio Quartararo who stated on the subject that between the fact that Yamaha rides in MotoGP with his only two factory bikes or the brand aligns four in the current conditions, there would be no difference for him because the RNF adventure does not bring him no added value in terms of technical feedback. An observation that could quickly turn out to be a premonition. Razlan Razali actually discuss with Aprilia who wants answers quickly. Yamaha asks 7 million for the leasing of motorcycles, the manufacturer Noale 4. There is a risk that the Iwata brand will find itself without a private stable for next year, even if rumors circulate about a possible agreement with the stable Mooney VR46yet under contract with Ducati until 2024.

Andrea Dovizioso on Razlan Razali: “ when some characters comment without knowing the details, it’s because they have big limits

Meanwhile Razali and Andrea Dovizioso are at loggerheads: it will already be a miracle if the veteran from Forlì manages to complete this championship on the M1. The Malaysian is more and more critical of the Italian who can’t do it on the M1. He would play engineers more than pilots according to the boss, comments that reached the ears of the pilot who responded with a certain contempt… “ I don’t know Razali very well. I think he’s a good person, even if he doesn’t know the paddock well, so he doesn’t know how to behave in certain situations “.

The sequel isn’t bad either: I know he has made some strange statements in the past. I think it’s because he doesn’t have a lot of experience in the motorcycling world.. My mind is technically focused to be more competitive, while it’s more managerial “. And he ends on Tuttomotoriweb: “ I don’t read his reviews and feel better for it. When some characters comment without knowing the details, it’s because they have big limits. In short, I do not read them. I do not care “. It is Wilco Zeelenbergthe team manager, who is currently having gray hair…

Andrea Dovizioso (photo WithU RNF Team)

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