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MotoGP 2023, Aleix Espargaró s’agace : “si Aprilia laisse partir un pilote qui fait ce que je fais, ce serait la plus grosse idiotie de l’histoire du Championnat du Monde” – Paddock GP

The life of Aleix Espargaró in this MotoGP season and in his Aprilia box has two faces. There is the sporting side where both the brand and the driver agree wonderfully to confirm with each Grand Prix that passes that they are in the running for what would be a resounding world crown. They write a moment in the history of the manufacturer of Noale and the Piaggio group, which should make them inseparable for eternity. And yet, for the moment, there is nothing to freeze for after this financial year 2022. A situation that Aleix Espargaró deplores more and more strongly…

Aleix Espargaro demonstrated again during the last French Grand Prix that he was professionally flawless on the track with his RS-GP. At Le Mans, he climbed on his third consecutive podium in MotoGP which no pilot Aprilia has never done in the history of the brand. He has four podiums at this stage of the season, including a victory in Argentina. At Le Mans, he kept the leader of the General classification and reigning World Champion Fabio Quartararo from whom he took four points to now follow him by 16 units.

The course is thus beyond reproach and, at Aprilia, Massimo Rivola rents his 32-year-old pilot in the walls since 2017. He showers him with praise, but still does not bring him to the table to sign a new lease. The conditions requested by Aleix Espargaro aren’t crazy and were revealed by her manager Albert Valera who was in charge before Jorge Lorenzo and which is also a service of Pedro Acosta as jorge martin. Thereby Aleix Espargaro would like a two-year contract with a salary of 2 million euros which is equivalent to what he is currently receiving Maverick Vinales. Currently, Aleix Espargaro comes in at 1.5 million euros.

After his performance in the Sarthe, Aleix Espargaro gave a layer on this situation with his employer: “ you all know the esteem I have for Aprilia, I want to stay, the renewal would give me more serenity said the Spaniard as the adrenaline of the race still kicked in. ” I feel at home here, but in reality it’s not my house and therefore I don’t decide “. And he adds: If Aprilia lets go of a rider who does what I do, it would be the biggest foolishness in the history of the World Championship. I haven’t spoken to Massimo Rivola yet and I don’t know what to say about the contract. What I’m asking seems very normal to me, I know where I am and my age, but i think the right word in this case is respect “. And in the name of this respect, he wants an answer at the latest in Barcelona, ​​during the Catalunya Grand Prix.

On what looks very much like an ultimatum, Massimo Rivola prefers to respond with humour, which is never without risk with the boiling Spanish…” Its renewal is a priority and our attitude is not a tactic, even if without certainty Aleix Espargarò is doing very well… So maybe we will keep him on our nerves until Christmas…Seriously, his renewal with us won’t be long in coming. “. A light approach which in any case does not amuse the manager Valera. In a conversation with he does not hide that before he started chatting with Aprilia, “We thought it was going to be easier, because of everything Aleix gives to the factory. We are a little surprised and disappointed that we have not reached an agreement so far “.

Aprilia keeps Aleix Espargaró but also Joan Mir waiting

We’re not asking for a big raise, just something that makes Aleix feel a little more valued. he says. It is difficult for Valera to understand thatAprilia constantly stressing the importance ofEspargaro in his project and that at the same time, they do not offer them a contract to sign: ” they call him ‘El Capitan’ but they need to show he’s the captain in writing, that’s all. We are aware of the market and the budgetary constraints of Apriliabut we’re just asking for something that makes sense to both parties “.

So why this waiting and this kind of dialogue of the deaf? Maybe because Suzuki is going to leave and that two good pilots are now looking for a box. This is’Alex Rins and of Joan Mir and the latter’s manager, paco sanchezacknowledged that he was in contact with Aprilia: ” we talk to anyone we think has a good bike and can afford Joan Mir’s salary “. Yes, but here it is…” We are without anything, we have no work, and therefore we are not in a position of strength. It hurts us a lot to take things for granted. When I see on Joan that he would have already signed with Honda, or that we are very close to Yamaha… it hurts us a lot and Aprilia does not respond to my messages “.

The conclusion comes down to Aleix Espargaro who makes this observation: the pilot market is crazy. It seems like every driver is faster. True, but I read an interesting interview with Dall’Igna last week in which he said: every driver is fast in this championship, but knowing the bike to the limit and knowing every detail makes all the difference. For the drivers, but also for the teams, you should not think once or twice, but three or four times before replacing a driver “. Without a doubt and this is not good news for the orphans of Suzuki.

Joan Mir, Aleix Espargaro, Grande Prémio Tissot de Portugal

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