Microsoft Flight Simulator : la 9ème mise à jour du monde est disponible et sublime l'Italie et Malte.

Microsoft Flight Simulator : la 9ème mise à jour du monde est disponible et sublime l’Italie et Malte.

Game news Microsoft Flight Simulator: The 9th World Update is available and is bringing Italy and Malta to life.

Released in August 2020 on PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest episode of the famous flight simulation license. A real technical slap in the face, the title continues to improve every month via gargantuan free updates.

The 9th world update is now available. This time, heading to the south-east of Europe to discover a metamorphosed Italy and the island of Malta. Alternating with more technical updates that highlight new features, the “World” updates meanwhile mainly focus on one part of the world. Thus, approximately every two months, the Microsoft and Asobo teams present a more detailed part of the world. New elements are added in the game to always make it more alive and realistic than ever.

Microsoft and Asobo therefore meet in Italy as well as on the small island of Malta. In the program : a total overhaul of the landscape of these regions. World updates have always been generous and those of Italy and Malta are no exception to the rule.

Henceforth, the Italian territory has 13 so-called photogrammetric cities. Which means the entire city has been scanned in 3D in order to transcribe in the smallest details authentic cities. Now you can discover the cities of Turin, Bari, Naples, Venice, Rome, Milan, Perugia, Parma, Ancona, Pavia, Cittadella, Paestum and Padua in stunning detail.

In addition to the corrected 100 generic airports and updated. Asobo also offers 4 airports made to a higher level with a unique touch. Thus 4 new ultra detailed handmade airports land with Palermo airport (LICJ), Caiolo Sondrio airport (LILO), Marina di Campo airfield (LIRJ) and finally Bolzano airfield (LIPB ).

More than 100 places of interest also adorn the landscape, namely tourist places making the particularity of the places. For example, we find sites such as Fort Saint-Ange in Malta, Le Morge, the city of the Vatican, the Cathedral of Orvieto, the three towers of San Marino, the tower of Pisa, the arenas of Verona, the tiny island de Isola Bella or Lake Resia with its famous flooded bell tower.

And finally, this update offers 3 bush flights allowing to fly over the chain of the Apennines, Sardinia or even Sicily. Landing challenges to highlight your driving skills as well as 3 discovery flights to discover the beauties of Venice, Rome or even Florence.

The update of more than 5 gigas is free and available now on PC and XBOX Series.

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