Mickaël Guichard : « Il fallait être patient » - Actualité - DirectVelo

Mickaël Guichard : « Il fallait être patient » – Actualité – DirectVelo

The first stage of the Tour de la Manche was marked this Thursday by a collective fall which stopped the race for an hour. According to The Channel Press, about twenty runners went ashore, eight of whom took the direction of the hospital. There were then about forty kilometers to reach the finish located in Barneville-Carteret. “We were doing our thing and they came to tell us that there was a big crash in the peloton, entrusted to DirectVelo Mickaël Guichard, present at the front in a group of eight elements. We saw riders in a bad way coming back into the peloton when we were stopped”.

While waiting for an ambulance to return, the runners tried to occupy themselves as best they could. “We went back and forth, 200-300 meters. There is always tension in these cases, we did not know if we were going to leave”, reports the member of the WB-Fybolia Morbihan. The organization finally removed two laps of the circuit – around 20 kilometers – before giving the second start. “I hate leaving cold, you shouldn’t procrastinate too much. It was downhill, with an unfavorable wind”. But with a lead of 2’35”, the breakaways did not shake when there were only 23 terminals left when the competitors left.


In the final, Maxime Cam (Dinan Sport Cycling) gave his runaway companions a hard time. “He was strong, believes Mickaël Guichard. He attacked in the bump four kilometers from the finish. I tried to jump, they followed me. We came back to 50 meters from him but he took time. Gwen Leclainche then attacked, I went there”. Everything came together 1,300 meters from the line, at the bottom of the descent. The final favored on paper the fastest riders of the group. “It was up to them. You had to be patient”, assures the future winner. There were micro-breaks in the red flame 500 meters from the line. “It was a chase type finale, everyone was seated. Which bothered me less than an injection sprint”.

First runner to cross the line (see ranking), Mickaël Guichard has already won for the sixth time this season. “It’s always easier when you have nothing to lose. It is known, we make fewer mistakes when we are freed. So far, it’s been a good time for me. I had experienced this in 2019”. With four stages remaining including an individual time trial on Saturday morning, the Corrézien is thinking of the final victory in this Tour de la Manche. “We have not yet managed to achieve a general classification this year. It would be the occasion, but it is still very long. Nothing is played”. The breakaways took a good option with a 1’36” lead over the peloton. “The main thing will be not to have any regrets at the end of the race”. And since the start of the season, Mickaël Guichard has not had the opportunity to have many.

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