Mercato PSG - Real Madrid - Déjà bouclé ou encore un espoir pour Paris ? Le dossier Kylian Mbappé divise la presse

Mercato PSG – Real Madrid – Déjà bouclé ou encore un espoir pour Paris ? Le dossier Kylian Mbappé divise la presse

Kylian Mbappé started the countdown during the UNFP trophies: “My choice is made” Now the world is hanging on his lips. Feverish, Madrid and Paris await the outcome of a case that has kept them in suspense for months. Finally, Real is not so feverish if we believe the press Spanish of the day who does not deviate from her line of conduct.Convinced that Mbappé has given her agreement for weeks to the champions of Spain, she drives the point home this Tuesday by giving details of the transaction.

Why this agitation around Mbappé? “The great PSG bluff has begun”

According to As, the world champion would receive a signing bonus of 100 million euros, would be offered the highest salary in the history of the club (between 40 and 60 million annually) on a contract of between 4 and 6 years and his release clause would obviously be the highest for a player under contract with Real. Last point of disagreement: the date of the big unpacking. Mbappé would like to speed up the schedule and announce his choice this week when Madrid push the deadline after the Champions League final to focus all their forces on the most important game of the season.


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Still hope for PSG?

For its part, Marca announces that the Frenchman has already passed his medical examination last week during his trip to Madrid (during which the agreement was concluded between the two parties) and that he would receive 60 % of his image rights, a detail which is not one and which has strained the negotiations between the two camps. The two Spanish dailies insist on the character of Kylian Mbappé who would have resisted immense pressure to the highest peak of the French state.

The key to the Mbappé file? Athletes’ image rights explained

L’Equipe is much less definitive than the Spanish press and reminds us that Paris still has a slim hope of keeping its jewel. The daily claims that no agreement has yet been sealed with Real or PSG. One thing is certain. Whoever loses this battle will have a hard time recovering. Whether it’s Real, which has thought out its entire economic strategy for two years around the arrival of Mbappé. But also for the PSG which will lose its providential man, the one on which it has built all its successes for a year.


100 million, cursed bar or big anything?



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