Mercato OM : Déjà la fin du fantasme Griezmann !

Mercato OM : Déjà la fin du fantasme Griezmann !

What will Antoine Griezmann do? The French international who belongs to FC Barcelona is loaned to Atlético de Madrid and his future seemed unclear. It was enough to imagine him joining OM… But this impossible fantasy quickly flew away.

Indeed, ESPN had explained that Pablo Longoria was ready to try his luck in the Griezmann file in the event of qualification for the Champions League. For that it would obviously have been necessary for FC Barcelona to let the player slip away without compensation and for the latter to agree to considerably lower his enormous salary. The striker would receive between 18 and 24 M€ per year, a salary to be divided by 4 or 5… But this improbable track was cooled by the president of Atlético de Madrid…

Indeed, Enrique Cerezo spoke this Sunday at half-time against Sevilla FC and he was clear about the future of Antoine Griezmann:

Griezmann will stay at least until 2023 at Atlético!

“He will stay here, he will continue with us next season, assured the manager at the Movistar microphone. Money is not an issue when the plan is to stick together and the player wants to continue. » Enrique Cerezo – source: Movistar (15/05/2022)

A reaction which comes following information from Cope which claimed that Atlético de Madrid was seeking to separate from Griezmann, on loan from FC Barcelona. The French should therefore complete the second year of his loan with the Colchoneros. His future will be settled in 2023, especially since Barça no longer counts on him…

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Marseilles and Lyons. So if I come back, it will be there — Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann has always proclaimed his attachment to OM. The Atletico Madrid player responded to a comment on Twitter, ” This stadium is beautiful!“, in reference to the Velodrome. The French international, under contract with FC Barcelona, ​​did not hesitate to score his team’s second goal in the Europa League final in 2018, against OM (3-0). In an interview given to Figarohe recalled his attachment to the Olympian club…

“If I were to come back to play in France, which club would it be for? My career plan is well mapped out as I told you earlier, even if nothing in football is 100% certain. There are two clubs that I love in France: Marseille and Lyon. So if I come back, it will be there. But beware, I didn’t say I was going to. I’m fine where I am.” Antoine Griezmann – Le Figaro

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