Mali: après la tentative de coup d'État déjouée, le colonel Malick Diaw sur la sellette?

Mali: après la tentative de coup d’État déjouée, le colonel Malick Diaw sur la sellette?

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Monday, May 16, the Malian authorities announced that they had foiled a coup attempt. Among the officers arrested, the most senior is Lieutenant-Colonel Amadou Keïta. Also a member of the CNT, he is considered close to Colonel Malick Diaw, one of the five pillars of the August 2020 coup. Since then, speculation has been rife.

Malick Diaw is one of the five pillars of the August 2020 coup, carried out alongsideAssimi Goita. Then first vice-president of the junta of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP), Malick Diaw is today president of the National Transitional Council (CNT) of Mali, which acts as a legislative assembly pending future elections. .

If the CNT has officially denounced the coup attempt conducted on the night of May 11-12 and called for all of its perpetrators to be identified and brought to justice, many noted that it was not Malick Diaw who signed the statement. ” The President signs the declarations and the Secretary General signs the press releases We justify at the CNT.

The fact remains that, from the Malian political class to social networks,the arrest of Lieutenant-Colonel Amadou Keïta, presented as one of his relatives, revived rumors about possible divisions and clan games within power. Is Malick Diaw indirectly targeted? Would he himself be involved in the foiled putsch attempt? Anonymous messages have circulated widely, reporting a summons from Malick Diaw to the presidency or his upcoming arrest.

Several figures in Malian politics, speaking on condition of anonymity, believe they know that Malick Diaw has been in conflict for several months with other members of the ruling junta, starting with the head of state, Colonel Assimi Goïta himself. In question: his intelligence, his sense of strategy, his less radicalism vis-à-vis international partners, and above all his supposed presidential ambitions.

Colonel Malick Diaw, September 5, 2020. (Illustration) AFP – MICHELE CATTANI

We also remember the virulence with which Malick Diaw had arrested Prime Minister Choguel Maïga, last month, before the CNT: was it a real pressure blow, revealing divisions within the state apparatus, or on the contrary a theatrical way of allowing the head of government to defend his record? The readings always diverge.

The rumors about an imminent ousting of the president of the CNT have, in any case, led his supporters to react: “ lie and slander “Says on Twitter the first parliamentary secretary of the CNT, Amadou Albert Maïga, who took a picture with Malick Diaw and reassures:” No problem at the top of the state. »

A CNT official adds to RFI: “ It is nonsense. Malick Diaw and Lieutenant-Colonel Keïta were not so close. Those who want to destabilize the regime have long sought to weaken the colonels, but their union is strong. They know each other and have bonds of friendship. »

Gathered in plenary Thursday, May 19, the members of the CNT gave a standing ovation to Malick Diaw. Who ironically seized the opportunity to ” thank his detractors and hammering, military salute in support, that he would never betray.

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