Mafia 4 : le jeu serait un prequel en Sicile ! De premières infos que l’on ne peut refuser

Mafia 4 : le jeu serait un prequel en Sicile ! De premières infos que l’on ne peut refuser

Game news Mafia 4: the game would be a prequel in Sicily! First info that we can not refuse

According to several sources, Mafia 4 is indeed in the pipeline and the first potential information is beginning to emerge: the game could well surprise by exploring a framework that is nevertheless classic, given the theme, but ultimately little exploited by the video game.

Look how they massacred my boy

Two weeks ago, we announced via Kotaku that “Mafia 4” was visibly in development in the halls of Hangar13, the authors of Mafia III and the remake of the first episode. Good news for fans of the saga and criminal adventures, especially since the site would be operated this time under Unreal Engine 5. Today, many other potential details reach us through Nick Baker, head of and the dedicated podcast, an already well-known insider in the video game sphere.

And this one doesn’t come empty-handed: this Mafia 4 (whose name remains totally to be determined; its code name would also be “Nero”, or “black” in Italian) would actually be a prequel to Mafia 1which was already set in the 1930s. So hold on tight, since this new title would venture directly to Italy at the end of the 19th century.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli

Mafia 4 would thus set its context directly in Sicily, at the end of the 1890s and the beginning of the 1900s: the hero would be Don Salieri, the godfather of Mafia 1 for whom the protagonist of the first title, Tommy Angelo, works at Lost Heaven (a reproduction of Chicago). Mafia 4 would therefore be an origin story for this character well known to fans since we would follow his rise within the Cosa Nostra.

Don Salieri in Mafia Definitive Edition

Otherwise more interesting, Nick Baker also declares that the software would not fit the formula of the previous episode – namely a very large open-world more or less sandbox – but rather in the recipe of the first two games, more linear.

We will obviously try to take tweezers while waiting for any formalization, but these first details already have something to seduce : taking the side of the Sicilian mafia directly at the cradle, in such an entrenched era and not that of the mafia already exported to the United States is a very good idea, finally little (not?) seen in the video game. We cross our fingers to see the project concretely very soon.

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