Lost Ark, un DPS meter est disponible : la communauté s'enflamme et Amazon s'en mêle

Lost Ark, un DPS meter est disponible : la communauté s’enflamme et Amazon s’en mêle

news tip Lost Ark, a DPS meter is available: the community ignites and Amazon gets involved

A new software is talking about him on Lost Ark: it would indeed display your damage but also that of the group in order to make a ranking. For those who come from other MMOs, this can be seen as good or bad news… The developers have already reacted on the subject, we take stock.

While we are quietly preparing for the big May update on Lost Ark by trying to complete our Ark Pass, a subject is debated in the community, and it is related to the appearance of a new software: a DPS Meter! We explain everything to you, and we strongly advise you not to use it in view of the reaction of the developers on this subject.


  • Who has the biggest…weapons?
  • Amazon dots the i’s

Who has the biggest…weapons?

If you’ve played an MMORPG before, the term DPS meter is probably familiar to you. The principle of this type of program / addon is simple: When you play in a group, it actually retrieves all the damage, healing data, and sometimes much more… and makes a ranking that updates over time. real. So, it lets you know who hurts a lot, and who… doesn’t hurt at all.

This type of software in general is quite divisive. Some can’t do without it, for perfectly respectable reasons (the desire to optimize themselves, to check that the people with you are doing well…) while others can’t stand this type of software (Some toxic behavior is linked to it, some can’t take care of their cat or their dog during a fight without it being noticed…).

This is also a big debate on Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker currently, because of the place taken by the DPS Meter, but also addons in general. So that Naoki Yoshida, the producer/director of the game boasted of a post a few days ago recalling that third-party tools were prohibited, and that those who used them would be banned… while admitting half-words that they had no no way to track who was using them, because for the most part these mods don’t touch the game files themselves. This does not prevent some players from going to player streams, and reporting players who use them in order to have them banned by Square-Enix…

But to come back to Lost Ark, what do the community and the developers of the game think?

Amazon dots the i’s

In view of the opinions on the official forum, but also on Reddit, this new software is far from delighting users. Mainly in view of the toxic behaviors that can surround them. Now, we must also recognize that they are very practical for others, as we explained to you above. But the developers wanted to decide directly on the question.

Roxxthe Amazon Games Community Manager, took advantage of a topic on the official forum to give the studio’s opinion on a DPS Meter: “At the level of our general conditions, any application or mod that modifies the files of the game, or who interacts with it in a way that displays information that is not revealed to players, is not endorsed. Reading the terms and conditions, it is understood that such things will lead to a ban (Although however, to date, no one has been banned).

That’s it, so avoid using this software (we think in particular of you, WoW players, who may be used to using one) in order to avoid any problem on your account!

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