L’île d’Oléron réclame plus de 450 000 euros à la plate-forme Airbnb

L’île d’Oléron réclame plus de 450 000 euros à la plate-forme Airbnb

At the end of 2021, the Airbnb tourist rental platform was pleased to have collected and to have to pay more than 93 million euros in tourist tax to more than 29,000 French municipalities for the year, including 9.4 million euros in Paris, 1.9 million euros in Marseille, 1.2 million euros in Nice or even 1 million euros in Cannes. But for some local authorities, in particular the eight municipalities of the island of Oléron, the account is not there.

Since 1er January 2020, the general code of local authorities obliges these intermediaries not only to provide the list of stays to local authorities but also to pay, twice each year, the tourist tax collected from tourists. However, Airbnb and its competitors take liberties with these obligations.

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In Oléron, Airbnb simply forgot to collect the tourist tax and pay it in 2020, and in 2021, when paying it, the platform greatly underestimated its amount, confusing reservation dates and dates of stay… The community of municipalities of the island of Oléron has decided to claim from him, through his lawyer Jonathan Bellaiche, an arrear of 234,700 euros for 2020, and 222,934 euros for 2021, to which are added 10,210 euros in late payment interest (around 0.2% per month).

A third of the island’s revenue

“We first had to fight to get the complete list of rentalssays M.and Bellaiche, and it was only after going to court, the day before the hearing set for March 3, 2022, that Airbnb agreed to provide the documents that it finally sent on April 18 and 24. As for us, if we are not paid on Monday, May 16, we will go to court again and possibly proceed to an automatic taxation.he warns.

The tourist tax represents more than a third of the island’s revenue, more than the state grant itself, “and it is not normal that we have to sue these platforms in Texas, the Netherlands, to collect tax in the form of transfers from abroadis surprised Luc Gaboriau, in charge of finances of Oléron. We also have a lot of trouble finding a contact on these platforms: Booking does not respond and an appeal has also been initiated; Abritel plays the game a little better but makes many mistakes, “forgetting” 57,000 euros out of the 70,000 due, for 2021; as for Airbnb, it forces us each time to hire a lawyer and go to court”he laments.

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Contacted, Airbnb, says she wants to be “a good partner for local authorities in matters of taxation. (…) We are reviewing the anomalies brought to our attention and working with Oléron to resolve the issue.”.

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