Ce qui attend désormais l

Ligue 2 (38e journée) – Ce qui attend désormais l'AJA pour accéder à la L1 via les play-off et les barrages

Third at the end of the regular season (74 pts), AJA will receive on Friday May 20 (8:30 p.m.) the winner of a first round of play-off between the fourth and the fifth of L2, disputed on Tuesday 17 (8:30 p.m.): Paris FC (4th, 70 pts) will receive Sochaux (5th, 68 pts).

In the event of a tie during these play-off matches, the two teams decide by an extension of 2×15 minutes and possibly a penalty shootout.

AJA wins against Amiens, but will play the play-offs, relive our live

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The winner of the second round of the play-off meets the 18th in Ligue 1 in a round-trip match in the play-offs, on Thursday May 26 (7 p.m.) with the L2 team, and on Sunday May 29 (7 p.m.) with L1 team. After the 37th and penultimate day of L1, it is Metz (31 pts, -29) which occupies the place of 18th, just ahead of Saint-Étienne (31 pts, -35).

In the event of a tie during the play-offs, the two teams are separated, in the order of the criteria, first by the greatest number of goals scored away from home, then by extra time, and finally by shots on goal.

Ask us your questions after AJA-Amiens, our journalists will answer them in Déb’AJA!

Benoit Jacquelin
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