Lidl : Des mesures limitatives sur les produits de première nécessité !

Lidl alerte et fixe une limite par client sur ce produit à cause de la pénurie

The stakes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are high and these days they are increasingly felt. Being the first exporter of oil in the world, the Ukrainian situation since February places several countries in difficulty. Recently, Lidl and some discounts have introduced a restrictive consumption regime. Here are the new measures taken by the stores of the sign!

Lidl encourages its customers to limit their purchase on shortage items


The big bosses of various discount stores are calling for urgency in relation to the crisis situation that Europe is going through at the moment. Indeed, the consumption of sunflower oil is now subject to massive restrictions. In this perspective, posters are posted in all Lidl stores based in France.

Consequently, the French clientele of the firm must respect certain ceilings in the acquisition of this insufficient commodity. A regulation that is made for allow everyone to have their share on available stock. Thus, it is a measure against the impulse purchases that some people make!

The increase in oil prices


In France, between August 2021 and April 2022, the price of oil increased by 37%! A consumer expert notes this dizzying rise in the prices of this commodity which is currently at 1.99 euros per liter at Lidl. While last August, they only cost 1.45 euros! Oliver Dauvers remarks that the threshold of 2 euros will soon be crossed.

However, the increase in prices does not prevent people from obtaining them in large quantities. This is notably due to the fact that people want to protect themselves against a new turnaround. Therefore, administrative measures are adopted by the leaders of the distribution companies. And Lidl supports this effort with consumption restrictions !

Restrictions at Lidl

In this month of May, the large distribution company Lidl therefore invites its customers to show good citizenship. The idea is to allow everyone to stock up on the oil that is currently in insufficient stock. But the management wants to reassure consumers by specifying that this is only a preventive measure. This means that these limitations are not at all mandatory. And measurements may vary depending on the store in question!

A Lidl store in Perpignan has drawn up a list of items that are subject to this restriction. With that in mind, here are the restrictions by type of oil he posted. First, on the sunflower oils. One 3 liter bottle of sunflower oil per trolley or basket. Same for 2 liter frying oils. Again, the purchase is limited to one bottle per trolley or basket. For mixtures of 4 oils and rapeseed oil the limit is 3 bottles per trolley or basket!

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