Les Suns fument les Mavericks : victoire 110-80, un quart-temps aura suffi

Les Suns fument les Mavericks : victoire 110-80, un quart-temps aura suffi

Second match of the evening and second poster which smelled good of powder. We expected a dantesque opposition between Suns and Mavericks, while the series made its return to Phoenix. Ay Caramba, failed again. Devin Booker and his gang crushed the visitors thanks in particular to a third quarter that looked like a basketball demonstration. Dallas hadn’t brought any sunscreen, so the sunstroke is… violent.

For the boxscore of this match, it’s HERE!

Suns against Unicorns, it sounds Homeric story and it’s not funny given the spectacle offered on the first four games of the series. Chapter 5 will be pivotal, and everyone has understood it from the lands of Texas to the arid lands of Arizona. In the heart of the city which is reborn from its ashes, the game is taken in hand by the mythological horses, and by their leader Luka Doncic. Helped by a well-heated David Bertans with an exchange of alexandrines (no) with Jae Crowder, Lulu places his own at the head of a dozen units. The game is hard, but overall success is not there, except for the heroes of each camp. We will have to wait until the end of the first dozen minutes to see things finally settle in the right direction. Devin Booker is unplayable, also assisted by his lieutenants. The Suns reduce their delay, but the Mavericks retain command of operations. Be careful, if it is good behavior to put the visitor at ease, you should not let him do what he wants either. The local multi-function star aka Mikal Bridges has understood this, and it suddenly shines favorably for the Suns. The Texans must leave the lead to the Cactus, but understand that it is absolutely not inevitable at this moment of the match. We have not mentioned Chris Paul so far, the reason is that the leader remained discreet until the break, five small points accompanied by six gifts to the companions. It’s not much, but it allows the local solar system to lead by three points when the order to return to the locker room sounds.

When it’s time to return to cross swords, we finally see what makes this Suns team so special. It is true that after two defeats on the side of Texas, one would have almost doubted the ability of Phoenix to bounce back. This is not the case, and the monstrous boost sent at the start of the second act is the dazzling proof of this. Defense that goes up several notches, attack that greatly adjusts its accuracy, everything is there to show who is the boss. When the Suns play like this, it becomes very difficult to resist the solar wind. The Mavericks have talent, they showed it at home but nothing to do tonight, the task was herculean. We have the impression of being in a remix of OSS 117, except that this time it is Dallas who no longer responds. The third quarter is finally over, Luka and his gang have been really badly beaten: 33-14. For the less mathematical among us, the result of these twelve one-sided minutes is a gap of 22 points in favor of the locals. Devin Booker has been monstrous during this time but more generally in the whole game: 28 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals. A reaction from the Mavs would have been miraculous, it will logically not take place. Symbol of the big defense of Phoenix, the percentages of Jason Kidd’s men are chilling. 38% success, 25% behind the arc, it stings. The final score is very severe: 110-80, but Dallas has so to speak not played the last quarter, no doubt struck by what has just happened. And as if that weren’t enough, Marquese Chriss wanted to do battle with Bismack Biyombo at the very end of the match. Evening to forget for Luka Doncic, evening to frame for Devin Booker. A room two atmospheres.

Sacred pants inflicted this evening by the Suns, after twelve minutes of basketball combined with almost perfect. Monty Williams can be proud of his group, because he offers himself a match point while knocking out the opponent. Direction Texas to fold the case, without however underestimating the Mavericks.

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