Les Mavericks dominent les Suns 103-94 : victoire de patron à la maison

Les Mavericks dominent les Suns 103-94 : victoire de patron à la maison

The Mavericks needed to react at home to chase away the specter of a sweep in this series. Well, one, the Jason Kidd guys did the job, and two, they did it remarkably well. A successful performance led by the tandem Jalen Brunson – Luka Doncic, which marks the spirits.

For the statistics of this nice match, it’s here!

Two sets to nothing, the return to Dallas must be a lifesaver for the Mavericks who are already on the brink. If the first minutes were to the advantage of the Suns, the Texas machine quickly engages its high mode, and slams a 19-3 of the families to put things right. It was Jalen Brunson who sounded the charge after a shy start to the match. The Suns are clearly not into it, and the best symbol of this is the very surprising start to the evening of a Chris Paul celebrating his 37th birthday today: six loss of balls after barely 15 minutes of play. When the metronome goes off, the orchestra is unlikely to be able to recite the score correctly. On the Mavericks side, we take all that with pleasure, especially in a pivotal match. And speaking of pivot, Phoenix is ​​bothered by the play without post 5 proposed by Jason Kidd especially when they have to attack. The local defense is very well in place, in particular on the systematic changes which prevent almost all the drives of the men of Monty Williams. We haven’t talked about Luka Doncic, but he’s dirty as usual. Deandre Ayton has already danced once during the break, and Devin Booker can’t cope with the physical power of the Balkan blond. Halfway through, the Mavericks are in the lead.

What a game, really what level of basketball displayed by these Mavericks tonight. Very largely dominated by the Suns in Arizona, the last representatives of Texan basketball still in the running for the title honored their public by offering them a match masterclass. We really had the impression of attending a kind of party in which all the Mavericks took part, from Luka to Frank Ntilikina, responsible for defending on the outside lines. Moreover, the Slovenian completes the game with 26 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists, without having been able to go all out because he was hampered by faults. And he did not hesitate to report it to the referees, who gave him back by sometimes sanctioning him for very questionable gestures. Not the best timing to alienate the refereeing corps. The Suns have the opportunity to get back into the game because of this grip – rather deserved – of Doncic by the officials. Nevertheless, the star’s teammates knew how to do things well, and we must speak of the enormous Jalen Brunson. Non-existent at the start of the series, the return home was good for the guy… a lot of good even: 28 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. Defensively very active, he above all did more than replace a Doncic handicapped by faults. We also salute the matches of Maxi Kleber, Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith, that’s what the lieutenant is present and efficient everywhere on the field and it pays off. Victory 103-94, Phoenix took a cold snap, and everything is restarted in this series. For our greatest pleasure of course.

Congratulations to the Mavericks, the victory is very clean and the message has gone to the Suns: here, we are in Dallas and nothing will be easy. We must now confirm these very fine 48 minutes in the next match, otherwise it will be in Arizona that we will have to go defend our skin… and that we suspect that no one wants it on the Unicorn side.

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