Les iPhone passeraient bien à l’USB-C dès l’an prochain… merci l’Europe !

Les iPhone passeraient bien à l’USB-C dès l’an prochain… merci l’Europe !

Following the new European regulations, Apple plans to launch its first iPhones with USB-C sockets next year, for its iPhone 15.

The Lightning socket of the iPhone 13 Pro // Source: Brandon Lopes – Frandroid

In the field of smartphones, recent weeks have been marked by the decision of the European Parliament to impose USB-C connectivity as a standard on all mobile phones sold on the Old Continent. An obligation which should especially affect Apple, the last manufacturer on the market to use its own proprietary connector, the Lightning.

However, while some may fear that Apple is doing its own thing and prefers to pay fines rather than adopt USB-C, it seems that will not be the case and that the firm is ready to change connectors for its next generations of iPhone. In an article published this Friday, journalist Mark Gurman, of the Bloomberg agency, indeed indicates that Apple has already started testing future iPhones equipped with a USB-C socket instead of the Lightning connector:

Apple is testing future iPhone models that would replace the Lightning socket with USB-C connectivity, according to people familiar with the matter. An approach that would help the company to comply with European regulations. In addition to these tests of models with USB-C socket in the coming months, Apple is working on an adapter that would allow future iPhones to work with accessories designed for the current Lightning connector.

Information corroborated by Ming-Chi Kuo

However, according to information obtained by Mark Gurman, Apple would not change connectors from the iPhone 14 planned for this year, but would wait until at least next year and the presentation of the iPhone 15 for this change. Enough to respect the European calendar which requires smartphone manufacturers to use USB-C for all smartphones from 2024.

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In addition, Mark Gurman is not the only one to foresee the abandonment of the Lightning socket by Apple. At the end of last week, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also indicated that Apple would be ready to abandon the Lightning plug from 2023.The iPhone of 2023 will abandon the Lightning socket and switch to the USB-C socket“, he said on May 11.

Remember, however, that these are only tests and that if the manufacturer therefore seems to be moving towards iPhones equipped with USB-C connectors for next year, the firm could however decide to wait another little, see completely getting rid of physical sockets to move towards a portless system, based on wireless charging.

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