Les Golden State Warriors maîtrisent les Dallas Mavericks pour le premier match de la finale de la conférence Ouest

Les Golden State Warriors maîtrisent les Dallas Mavericks pour le premier match de la finale de la conférence Ouest

The unexpected poster for the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks gave birth to a correction for the Texans, who have never managed to find a semblance of address in order to exist against a team who relied on her team to make the difference (112-87).

Very quickly, the visitors, led by Luka Doncic, displayed their game plan: use and abuse the three-point shot, hoping that a good series will knock out the Californians. A philosophy that has never paid. Worse: at the end of the first quarter, Jason Kidd’s men had a horrible 3 out of 19 from three points, and already ten points behind on the clock (28-18, 12th).

While Doncic did what he could to stand out (20 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists in total), a nice incipient scar on the face – the result of an involuntary scratch – none of his teammates managed to lend him a hand. At the break, Golden State only had a 9-point lead (54-45, 24th) but could boast of having raced in the lead without Stephen Curry (4 out of 10 shooting) or Klay Thompson (0 point at half-time) really got into action.

A match quickly bent on returning from the locker room

Upon returning from the locker room, the locals immediately raised their voices and the pace. While Andrew Wiggins, Golden State’s best player in the first two acts (19 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists at the final buzzer), continued his good game, Curry and Thompson increased the addition of Dallas. The winger split 15 points in the last two quarters alone while the leader validated an unusual double-double (21 points and 12 rebounds).

For Dallas, there was no question of refusing the many three-point shots left by the defense, which did not improve the success of the 2011 champion. Five minutes from the end of the game, when the gap was 28 points (106-78), the two coaches agreed to solicit their bench and save physical.


Of their 86 shots taken in Game 1, the Dallas Mavericks cracked 48 three-point attempts. They only succeeded in 11 (23% address).

The reverse is very heavy for the fallers of the Phoenix Suns in the previous round (123-90 in game 7). Thompson reassured himself with 15 points in the second half alone, while Jordan Poole added 19 points to his team’s precious victory. What put all the Warriors in confidence before the reunion, Friday (3:00 am, French time).

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