Les arbitres ont le melon, l’accusation de Genesio

Les arbitres ont le melon, l’accusation de Genesio

Even if he is not one of the most difficult coaches with referees, Bruno Genesio does not hesitate to criticize their behavior. The Stade Rennais coach believes that the men in black are abusing their power.

On each day of Ligue 1, it is not uncommon to see a coach sanctioned with a yellow card, or even excluded. It is true that some technicians tend to argue vehemently. But in their speeches, all are unanimous on the behavior of the referees. New example in the interview of Bruno Genesio with the readers of Ouest-France. A media outing during which the Stade Rennais coach highlighted the disproportionate ego of certain men in black.

I see that the relationship between referees and players was completely different from what it is todaycompared the ex-Lyonnais. I do not want to generalize, but some referees today abuse a power which for me makes things degenerate. I knew Robert Wurtz, Michel Vautrot, Joël Quiniou who were top referees. Sometimes they were wrong, but when they were wrong, they admitted it and apologized. From there, what do you want us to tell them? Today for some, even when they are wrong, their behavior is not going to calm things down. »

What if it was simply instructions given by their superiors? ” I think there is a training problem and these are things they are asked to doconsidered Bruno Genesio. Some have the intelligence to do things differently. I speak with referees after games. Lately, Mr. Millot made a mistake that was not consequential, I got a little annoyed. He told me: “I was wrong”. I calmed down and it was over. After the match, I went to congratulate him: “Bravo for your behavior, you have the right to be wrong, I am wrong too, I am not making the right changes, the right line-up, that’s how it is.” »

Genesio wants to review the training of referees

But most of the time things turn out differently. ” When you have a referee who makes a mistake and who adds more because he thinks he is the one who has infused science and authority over everyone, it reinforces your feeling of frustration and it annoys everyone. . I think in the training of referees today there are certainly educational ways to teach them to be different so that players and coaches are different suggested the Rennes coach, who envies the calm and serenity of rugby referees.

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