Léo Westermann et Monaco renversent Limoges dans une fin de match folle

Léo Westermann et Monaco renversent Limoges dans une fin de match folle

In Beaublanc, Léo Westermann is like in his garden. Back in Limoges where he was crowned French champion in 2015, the Monegasque leader was one of the spearheads of the Roca Team’s victory (89-88). He had never set foot in Haute-Vienne since he left it in 2016 and yet… The circle path, he knows it by heart. And the ultra Limogeauds have not forgotten it. More than Sasa Obradovic and Jerry Boutsiele, also former members of the CSP house, he received a warm ovation before the match.

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Clutch at 3-points in the money time and author of 16 points for 25 of evaluation, his best performance of the season, he did not tremble on the free throw line to offer his team a 25th win in 33 games. . His close friend, Nicolas Lang, also highlighted his performance at a press conference. Although it would have been fine…

“We come back with exploits, that’s the identity of our team”

“Let him go …”, launches, all smiles, the rear / winger from Limoges. “He was skillful. It’s hard to be happy for an opponent who had a good game, but as much as it is him. When I’m in the game, whether it’s Leo, my son or my wife, it’s the same. » A performance that was all the more remarkable given that Léo Westermann had been suffering from a sprained wrist for three weeks, even though for seven days, it’s been better »assures the person concerned.

Abused in the 3rd quarter (10-31) and relayed to 13 points (69-56, 31 ‘), AS Monaco was almost apathetic. Unrecognizable, when she had counted up to 16 lengths ahead in the first half (21-37, 14 ‘). However, Sasa Obradovic’s protégés managed to find solutions in the last ten minutes against Limoges’ defensive changes.

It was a crazy match”, confirms Léo Westermann who still hopes to steal first place from ASVEL. “Winning these matches no matter how is always important. In the 2nd quarter, Limoges manages to change pace with a zone defense. It makes us totally lose our footing. We find ourselves in the hard and we come back with exploits, but it is the identity of our team. »

“It was like a playoff semi-final”

With Mike James also at the party and extremely easy (21 points at 7/14 on shots, 6 rebounds and 11 assists), AS Monaco put an end to the Limoges ardor. Massimo Cancellieri’s men were valiant: they did not go that far from the feat and came out under “thank you Limoges, thank you Limoges” from the Ultras green, after a well-deserved victory lap. A victory, however, would have allowed them to validate a place in the top 4, synonymous with home advantage in the quarter-finals of the playoffs. “I feel a lot of frustration but I’m also proud of our reaction in the second half,” said Nicolas Lang. This makes us want to continue working on details and come back to the room tomorrow. »

Struggling to find solutions in the 1st half where only CJ Massinburg (14 points in 11 minutes) was floating, the CSP was transformed after returning from the locker room. “Have you seen how the team plays? », wonders, for his part, Massimo Cancellieri. Yes, his men never gave up, were generous in their effort and intense in responding to the physical challenge of AS Monaco. Unable to put a shot in the first half (-4 evaluation), Nicolas Lang, with his 16 points, is the perfect illustration. Demonte Harper and his fadeaways have also conquered Beaublanc. “We lose on details,” he continues. I hope this game will give us more energy for the future. It was like a playoff semi-final. “With such strength of character, the CSP can hope for a good run in the playoffs …

In Limoges,

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