Le TFC en Ligue 1 : quel rôle va jouer RedBird ?

Le TFC en Ligue 1 : quel rôle va jouer RedBird ?

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Crowned French Ligue 2 champion on Saturday May 7 after his victory at the Stadium over Nîmes (2-1), the Toulouse Football-Club, owned by the American investment fund RedBird Capital Partners, is changing dimensions for the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

“We will make the necessary investments to achieve our objectives, including the sporting one of installing the club at the highest level.” Signed in La Dépêche of July 20, 2020 – date of Toulouse’s passage under the star-spangled banner – Gerry Cardinale, founding president of RedBird Capital Partners. Which manages 6 billion dollars in various sectors such as sports where it has been established for more than 25 years. (Re) that’s it for the background. Nearly two years later, what prospects does RedBird offer which, contacted by us, did not follow up?
Progress report in three themes.


The light in the shadows. “The people of RedBird do not wish to be put forward but, wishes to specify in the preamble their representative at the head of TéFéCé Damien Comolli, I thank them for – apart from their financial investment here – for having believed in our project. And we provide ongoing support.” Logistically too, we add. Via the company Zelus, specialized in the famous data… The spearhead of the new TFC. We always come back to it.


Money, the sinews of war. What forecast for the coming year? Obviously, President Comolli did not wish to answer us or, rather, with a smile… What is certain is that the budget will increase significantly. According to DNCG figures made public by the League, over the last ten seasons, promoted clubs have on average multiplied their budget for the elite by 1.5. At Toulouse FC, it was €26m this year – according to our estimates. Which would give a “forecast” of 39M. Given the current situation (post-Covid, still) and the handicap of TV rights (€16.5m collected instead of the €33m by its competitors), the estimated budget of the TFC 2022-2023 will probably be between €36 and €38m. which, according to the precedents [35M pour le dernier exercice en élite des Violets en 2019-2020 sous Sadran], should be connected with the presidential will: “Build a competitive team”, according to Comolli. And even if the president assures that RedBird will not enter the dance, the shareholder, by definition, is ready in case…


Precisely, on which group to count for “the highest possible maintenance” (Comolli again) … The coach takes control: “Of course there will be recruits and it’s not a secret, announces Philippe Montanier without specifying either positions or profiles. Afterwards, we start with a squad of the same size: 23 outfield players and 3 goalkeepers. However, with quality as the primary criterion.” And that’s where RedBird could come in. “The efforts, confides to us an influential agent in L1, it is today and not tomorrow that they must be made when the season, exceptionally, will be characterized by 4 descents (Editor’s note: passage to 18 clubs). Clearly , if the TFC targets a reinforcement deemed expensive, the fund will have the means to sign it.
The American dream, wait and see.

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