Le MVP de la nuit | Luka Doncic a montré l’exemple

Le MVP de la nuit | Luka Doncic a montré l’exemple

On the first or second possession, he was on the ground, and when your best player does that, it sets the tone for the game.“. Dorian Finney-Smith was the first witness to the change in attitude of Luka Doncic, especially in defence. Jason Kidd had asked him to lead by example to avoid being targeted, and the Slovenian responded in the Game 3 victory against the Suns.

Equally impressive about Luka Doncic is his ability to get others to play. Clumsy in the first quarter, he then decided to distribute the game, and this is essential to build the confidence of his teammates, but also to focus less on the mark. Maxi Kleber and Jalen Brunson took full advantage of the caviars, and we must emphasize the quality of their game without the ball. As soon as Luka Doncic penetrates and attacks the defense, his teammates know where to stand to be served in the best conditions.

“It’s not a question of additional motivation” he explains about his complete match. “I just had to play better. I think I made a big leap forward in defense this season, and I knew I had to defend better. Tonight, the energy in defense was crazy. The crowd was crazy. Reggie and Dorian… These guys have been amazing on defense all season and they showed it to us tonight. »

“It’s just his gravitational force”

The press conference, very short, will revolve only around the defense because it is in this sector that Dallas made the difference causing a lot of lost balls (7 for Chris Paul), while imposing a big general pressure. On the other side of the field, Luka Doncic, like Jalen Brunson, had decided to attack the defense. For the first time in the series, the Slovenian scored most of his points in the racket: 18 of his 26 points.

When Luka is in the key, and the defense is unbalanced, he is able to score or find players in the right places. It’s just his gravitational pull when he has the ball in his hands… or when he doesn’t even have it. »

At this ” gravitational force »he added 13 rebounds and 9 assists, and his five fouls are further proof of his involvement in defense.

Luka Doncic Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2018-19 DAL 72 32 42.7 32.7 71.3 1.2 6.6 7.8 6.0 1.9 1.1 3.4 0.4 21.2
2019-20 DAL 61 34 46.3 31.6 75.8 1.3 8.1 9.4 8.8 2.5 1.0 4.3 0.2 28.8
2020-21 DAL 66 34 47.9 35.0 73.0 0.8 7.2 8.0 8.6 2.3 1.0 4.3 0.6 27.7
2021-22 DAL 65 35 45.7 35.3 74.4 0.9 8.3 9.1 8.7 2.2 1.2 4.5 0.6 28.4
Total 264 34 45.7 33.7 73.7 1.0 7.5 8.6 8.0 2.2 1.1 4.1 0.4 26.4

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