Le héros du jour : un policier sauve in extremis un bébé dont le coeur s'était arrêté (vidéo)

Le héros du jour : un policier sauve in extremis un bébé dont le coeur s’était arrêté (vidéo)

Robert Oden is an elite policeman who is a member of SWAT, an American intervention unit similar to RAID or GIGN in France. This Friday, May 13, 2022, while patrolling the streets of Atlanta, he faced an unprecedented situation for him. “SWAT officers are usually involved in dangerous and difficult situations, riots and other incidents that can escalate. Giving a CPR to a 4 month old baby is not part of a SWAT officer’s routine, but that is exactly what happened during this intervention”writes the city police department on Facebook.

The policeman resuscitates the baby

During his patrol, Robert Oden sees a vehicle which drives with the hazard warning lights and which honks permanently. The policeman follows the car for a few meters to see what is happening, until it stops in front of a fire station. A woman then gets out and starts running towards him with a baby in her arms, explaining that he is no longer breathing and that he is unconscious. Immediately, the man takes the child’s pulse, but he cannot find it. He then warns by radio that he is facing an infant in cardio-respiratory arrest, that is to say that his heart no longer beats and he no longer breathes.

Thanks to the images filmed by his on-board camera, we see Robert Oden begin to perform cardiac massage while asking the baby’s family to go and see if there are people in the fire station. He applies pressure to the infant’s chest, first with four fingers and then with his thumb, and sometimes stops to blow air into the toddler’s mouth. He does this for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, until we see the little legs of the child begin to move. He then checks, and his pulse is back! That’s when an ambulance arrived, and rescuers immediately picked up the baby and took him to the hospital for checkups.

The police welcome his intervention

It was thanks to Robert Oden’s composure that the baby was saved. Without his intervention to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the care would perhaps have been too late. And that’s why the Atlanta City Police Department congratulated him on Facebook: “He could not have imagined that his patrol in this area would result in this type of emergency. Officers never know what to expect while on duty, they just show up ready to act. The actions of Officer Oden were quick, calm, caring and professional. This is another example of the heroic work officers do every day. His response reflects a high level of training, preparation and compassion. We couldn’t be prouder of him at this critical time. We know the city of Atlanta is safer with Officer Oden and our team of professional, responsive, and caring officers doing this job and patrolling our streets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week. week. It’s a real calling. Bravo for your work, sir!”.

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