Le Guardiola de Clermont mouche le Mourinho de l'ASSE

Le Guardiola de Clermont mouche le Mourinho de l’ASSE

Between two coaches who hate each other, accounts are settled at the end of the season.

Clermont Foot, despite its narrow defeat in Strasbourg (1-0) this Saturday evening, went to seek its maintenance in Ligue 1. What no one predicted for it at the start of the season. A very good surprise for the Auvergne club, which inevitably savored this success by its emblematic trainer Pascal Gatien. ” It’s almost a feat anyway! Because rightly a lot of people saw us going down this year. It was our first year. So it’s not far from an achievement I think. It’s the happiest defeat of my career, without question! I didn’t know the Saint-Étienne result at all, so I saw it as a normal match during which we absolutely had to come back. delivered the coach of Clermont, who takes advantage of the defeat of ASSE to therefore remain in the elite. The moment to entrust the project he is carrying out with his training, and to slip a small tackle to Pascal Dupraz.

Gatien savors the maintenance while thinking of Dupraz

The Saint-Etienne coach had shaken him during the previous confrontation between the two teams, mocking the principles of play “close” to those of Manchester City at his rival. If Dupraz had been nicknamed the Mourinho of Saint-Etienne by his desire to get points without worrying about the game, Gatien’s response was therefore tasty. ” This is an important moment for the club, it will allow us to consolidate certain things in terms of structures. It’s a group that has worked for years, the club is moving forward. There was Corinne Deacon before me and other coaches, we went through the stages one after the other. We are trying to anchor ourselves in Auvergne already and in French football. We’ve been playing like this for 5 years, it would have been suicidal to change the way we play. The club’s project is much stronger than one season, we try to fit into a certain philosophy. But I’m careful what I say because Pascal Dupraz can contradict me. Our goal is to fit in the game, and I’m not going to let go, I have to take everyone “, delivered a coach recognized for his work with his team to try to practice a licked game despite the label of a formation intended to play the maintenance.

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