Le fugitif arrêté aux Etats-Unis, la gardienne est décédée

Le fugitif arrêté aux Etats-Unis, la gardienne est décédée

The run that held America in suspense ends tragically. The “extremely dangerous” inmate and the prison officer accused of helping him escape 11 days ago, who were an unlikely couple of fugitives, were arrested in Indiana on Monday. But rather than surrender, Vicky White turned her gun on herself, authorities said. She died of her injuries in the evening, the medical examiner confirmed. Vanderburgh County authorities are “investigating the death of Vicky White,” they confirmed Monday night. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

After a hunt that will have taken place in three states, a chase began Monday afternoon on an Indiana highway, about 500 km from the Alabama prison from where Casey White was escaped with the help of Vicky White (no family connection). The Cadillac driven by the prison officer was chased by officers who rammed the vehicle to stop it, Marshal Matt Keely told CNN. According to him, the car rolled over before coming to a stop. On their way, Casey White said to them: “Help my wife, she shot herself in the head, I had nothing to do with it”. According to the authorities, the couple was not married but had a “special relationship” whose nature was not specified.

Soon to be transferred to Alabama

“Casey White is under arrest again,” Sheriff Rick Singleton, who is in charge of coordinating the hunt for the fugitives, told reporters. He should soon be transferred to Alabama. “Today we have put a very dangerous man out of action,” said the sheriff. “And he will never see the open air again. »

His men received a tip about the couple’s presence in Indiana and CCTV footage shot at a car wash where a vehicle rented in May by the guard was seen. However, in recent days and until Monday, the two fugitives seemed to keep at least one step ahead of their pursuers.

The Guardian and the Colossus

Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, have the same name but are not related. The improbable duo has aroused great interest, in particular because of the contrasts between them: she, a model little prison officer with an apparently orderly life; he, a 2.06 m multi-recidivist colossus imprisoned for murder.

A video showed the official escorting the tall, tattooed inmate, whose feet and hands were restrained by chains, into his police car, and taking him outside under the false pretense of a psychological evaluation to the court.

The “model employee” according to the sheriff, described by the county prosecutor as “the most reliable person in the prison”, had then planned a substitute vehicle in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. This car, which the official had bought under an assumed name, was found in a Tennessee pound, without this rebound in the investigations really allowing the investigators to progress. It will be learned later that the prison officer had withdrawn in cash some 90,000 dollars, proceeds from the recent sale of her house, and bought civilian clothes to replace her companion’s prison suit.

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