Ford e-Transit Custom

Le Ford e-Transit Custom se dévoile et offre la plus grande autonomie du segment

The electrification of the Ford range is intensifying in the commercial vehicle market with the arrival of the new Ford e-Transit Custom. The mid-range van announces a range of 380 km and will be followed by a clone at Volkswagen.

Ten years after its arrival on the market, the Ford Transit Custom is preparing its renewal. It’s the long-awaited electric version that shows up first, but production won’t start until mid-2023 at Ford-Otosan’s Kocaeli plant in Turkey. Ford is showing the e-Transit Custom today, but the e-Tourneo Custom wagon version will follow. As well as a clone bearing the Volkswagen badge under the agreements between the two brands. It will replace the Transporter T6, only in utility version.

Ford e-Transit Production for Europe

380 km range

The change of generation is clearly visible with a model that refines its look and takes care of the appearance of its grille. Any utility it may be, it adopts a crossing light strip and we note the integrated socket in the front shield. As on the current Transit range extender.

The family resemblance with the current generation is still clearly preserved on the profile, but it is indeed a brand new model. Evidenced by the new design of the A pillar, the conventional wipers (and no longer antagonistic) or even the front window without deflector… The spirit of a van with a dynamic look is therefore preserved. The interior is still concealed for the moment.

Ford insists on the electrical performance of its machine, without communicating any technical characteristics, except autonomy. This thus reaches 380 km in the WLTP cycle. This puts this e-Transit Custom at the best level in the category against a Stellantis/Toyota quintuplet at 330 km, a Mercedes eVito at 311 km and a brand new Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo expected around 300 km.

On the other hand, neither the capacity of the battery, nor the power of the motor, nor even the charging power is known. In this chapter, Ford is content for the moment to indicate a fast direct current charge… The other elements highlighted by the manufacturer are a preserved towing capacity and the presence on board of power sockets under the name Pro- Power Onboard. Enough to use your electrical tools on a site without electricity. Which will logically begin autonomy.

Remember that this e-Transit Custom comes in addition to the large e-Transit, and that a small e-Transit Courier is also expected for 2024. Only the e-Transit Connect will not have an electric version and will be satisfied with the plug-in hybrid.

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