Le corps retrouvé sur la plage de la Souris-Chaude est celui du principal d’un collège de la Possession - Réunion la 1ère

Le corps retrouvé sur la plage de la Souris-Chaude est celui du principal d’un collège de la Possession – Réunion la 1ère

The lifeless body found on the beach of Souris-Chaude, in Trois-Bassins, last Saturday is that of Alain Mounoussamy, principal of a college in La Possession. The information is given by our colleagues from the JIR.

The body found on the Souris Chaude beach last Saturday has been identified, according to our colleagues from the Journal de l’Île this Tuesday, May 17. This is Alain Mounoussamy. Well known in the west of the island, he was the principal of Raymond Vergès college, at La Possession.

Last Saturday afternoon, in Trois-Bassins, a walker found the body in one of the cavities of Souris-Chaude beach. An investigation has been opened for intentional homicide. The prosecution does not exclude the criminal track.

The SNALC Réunion reacted on its website by presenting “his deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Alain Mounoussamy”, a “former member, teacher invested in the success of his students at the Lycée Hôtelier then benevolent and human main of the college Raymond Vergés”.

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Hot mouse: the body of the principal found

In a press release, the mayor of La Possession, Vanessa Miranville, also reacted to this disappearance. “NOTWe are losing an exceptional man who devoted his career to the education and educational support of many college students and families, writes the mayor of the city. Sharing particularly the desire to implement all the conditions for academic success, his professionalism and benevolence have made him a person appreciated by the students, his colleagues, our agents and our municipal team. We won’t forget it.”

An autopsy was carried out yesterday, Monday, but the examination did not make it possible to establish the causes of death, according to the Parquet of Saint-Pierre. “The lesions found on the body of the deceased were not lethal”, says the prosecution.

The man was naked and had a wound on the left side of his body.

Additional analyses, in particular anatomopathological and toxicological, were ordered. The investigations are continuing and the gendarmes of the Research Section of Saint-Denis are working in conjunction with the Research Brigade of Saint-Paul.

This is indeed the second body found in a few weeks in this area, but there is no link between these two cases, specifies the Parquet of Saint-Pierre. The first body was that of a yachtsman victim of a fortune at sea and who had been found after the grounding of his boat.

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