LdC (M) | Kiel élimine Paris, direction Cologne | HandNews

LdC (M) | Kiel élimine Paris, direction Cologne | HandNews

Nedim Remili (Paris Saint Germain)

After an unbreathable meeting, Kiel defeated Paris Saint Germain on the smallest margin and therefore eliminates the French champion from the competition, direction Cologne (33-32 SF).

Who will join Kielce, Veszprem and Barcelona? One hour to decide who of the champion of France or the champion of Germany will complete this Final4 2021-2022. The start of the game is first in favor of the Parisians, more precise in attack and more solid in defense (1-4, 6′). Kiel will then align the sights and above all ensure the passes to go up to try to close the gap (3-6, 11′) but Paris is currently too strong, on its game on the other hand particularly. Vincent Gérard is a little less present at the start of the second quarter of an hour, allowing the Germans to pick up the score (8-9, 17′). With a very big defensive presence, Kiel has a lot of trouble in attack and only finds solutions on shots from distance or through despite the abuse of the game at 7 against 6.

Paris dominates the game, scoring without too much difficulty so far (12-14, 23′) but fails to outrun his opponent. Sanctions follow one another for the Parisian defense, and Kiel clings on, believes in it hard as iron despite the exit on injury of Pekeler (15-16, 25′). At the break, Paris leads by two goals (17-19MT). If the score flies away somewhat, the Parisian defense remains more solid than that of the Germans, and the attack knows only very few failures (76% efficiency)facing inconspicuous goalkeepers (1/13, 8% stops for landin in the first act).

landin wake her up defense

The start of the second meeting starts on similar standards, with a big rhythm on both sides. landin finally wakes up, and Kiel passes a 2-0 from entry (19-19, 35′) : the meeting is restarted. The defense of Kiel regains activity and for the first time in the meeting, the Germans take the advantage (21-20, 37′). The Parisian defense will then take on water, with a Harald Reinkind simply unstoppable (24-21, 42′).

Kiel has gradually reversed the situation, and finds itself in a strong position with a good quarter of an hour to go (27-25, 46′). The minutes pass and Paris does not manage to find the parade for a time, but remains glued to the Basque Germans (31-30, 56′). The atmosphere is unbreathable at the end of the match and Kiel misses the ball to seal the meeting: Paris has the match point with only a few seconds left, but it’s not going to end. Kiel wins (33-32 SF). No French club will therefore participate to Final4 2022.

Nedim Remili was the most prominent Parisian with 8 goals, Vincent Gerard also the game’s best goalkeeper with 15 saves (33%).

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