ATR estime le marché à 150 à 200 appareils pour l

L’ATR 42-600 STOL a pris son envol

First flight, first success for the ATR 42-600S STOL. Launched in 2019 by ATR, che new aircraft with 30 to 50 seats, capable of taking off and landing on shorter runways (from 800 to 1,000 meters), a yesterday began a phase of ground and flight tests. the Franco-Italian manufacturer, world number one in regional aviation, announced on Wednesday that it had “successful maiden flight of the STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) version of its partially modified ATR 42-600”. In a partial configuration, the aircraft took off at 10 a.m. Wednesday from Francazal airport and flew 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Following this first flight, new features will be tested one after the other, starting with the MFC-NG (new generation multifunctional computer), followed by automatic braking systems, ground speed brakes and new powers. engines on takeoff, the manufacturer explained in its press release published on Wednesday. The aircraft will adopt its final configuration at the end of the year with the installation of a new larger rudder. It will then enter the certification phase in 2023, then it will be put into service in 2024.

A new market for ATR

This device represents one of the axes of growth for the Toulouse aircraft manufacturer, which will thus be able to target fleets for which ATR has not had solutions so far. According to ATR, there are currently nearly 500 airports in the world with runways of 800 to 1,000 meters in length that the ATR 42-600S will be able to serve. “This new STOL version will allow passengers to benefit from increased regional connectivity”believes the turboprop manufacturer. “We estimate this market at 150 to 200 devicesexplained in an interview given in early February to La Tribune the CEO of ATR Stefano Bortoli.

“It will mainly be dedicated to routes to the islands, which often have airports where the runways are short on which the ATR 42-600 STOL can land, had specified the CEO of ATR. We are working on passenger combinations and cargo to make it more economically efficient for airlines”.

To date, ATR has already received 20 commitments from operators and lessors for the ATR 42-600S. Among them, Elix Aviation Capital, launch lessor (10 aircraft), and Air Tahiti (2), launch operator. This device is also of interest to Japan. Toki Air announced at the Dubai Air Show that it was interested in December 2021 in an ATR 42-600 STOL. “Two other startups like Toki Air could order aircraft from usassured Stefano Bortoli. Japan remains a very interesting market for ATR. It offers us the opportunity to sell ATR 42-600s, in particular ATR 42-600 STOL, with a view to renewing Bombardier’s SAAB 340 and Dash 8 fleets.”.