L'astuce WhatsApp pour savoir si on a lu vos messages malgré l’absence de confirmation de lecture

L’astuce WhatsApp pour savoir si on a lu vos messages malgré l’absence de confirmation de lecture

The WhatsApp application is the most widely used instant messenger in the world. It is very popular because it allows you to communicate with your family and friends without limits. Always looking for innovations, the application offers new features to its users to meet their expectations. On the app, it is possible to send written or voice messages and share multimedia content with contacts. However, she also has privacy settings that allow you to see who has read her message. However, it is possible to deactivate this option and not share this information with his contact.

Here is a trick to find out if your message has been read despite the absence of a read receipt. We are going to reveal to you one of the secrets of the WhatsApp application.

What is read receipt on WhatsApp?

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The WhatsApp application – Source: spm

The WhatsApp app allows you to use different options when you send text messages or voice messages. This messaging service allows you to receive and send messages on the application using an internet connection. When sending a message on WhatsApp, checkmarks appear next to the sent message. If you see a single gray tick, the message was sent successfully. If two gray checkmarks appear next to your message, your message was successfully sent to the recipient’s phone or one of their connected devices. If you see two blue checkmarks, that means the recipient has read your message. Sometimes you send a message and the two blue checkmarks do not appear next to your message. This means that your recipient has disabled read receipts in their privacy settings or they haven’t opened your chat.

However, if you still want to know if your contact has read your message despite having disabled read receipt, there is a trick to solve this mystery.

What is the trick to knowing who has read your message despite the absence of a read receipt?


The WhatsApp app – Source: spm

With this trick, you won’t need to download any third-party app or software to know if someone has read your message while chatting on WhatsApp. This trick can be used on all Android or iOS smartphones. If you send a message to one of your contacts and you don’t see the two blue checkmarks, your recipient has probably turned off read receipt or hasn’t opened your chat yet. If you are curious and want to know if he read your message, follow this trick. Open the WhatsApp application and create a group with the concerned contact. Write him the message in this new two-way chat. Once sent and opened by your recipient, you may notice the two blue checkmarks next to your message, despite the read receipt being disabled. Moreover, you will be able to tap on the messages and discover its reading information. It will clearly appear if the message was received, read and at the time it was opened.

If the two gray checkmarks don’t appear, it’s possible that your recipient has blocked your number and that’s why you don’t see the read receipt or delivery receipt. It could also be that the recipient simply hasn’t opened your chat and isn’t logged into WhatsApp.

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