Largué par le PSG, Gueye reçoit une folle demande

Largué par le PSG, Gueye reçoit une folle demande

At the heart of a controversy after his package in Montpellier last Saturday, Idrissa Gueye is not spared. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder, who refused to support the fight against homophobia, is notably targeted by the French Football Federation, which offers him to redeem himself.

Fortunately for him, Idrissa Gueye can count on Senegal and his teammates in the selection. Without the support of his compatriots, the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder would feel very lonely. He who cannot count on the support of his leaders. The latter have denounced “ personal and individual reasons to dissociate themselves from their player’s package, opposed to the idea of ​​supporting the fight against homophobia via rainbow flocking.

The FFF asks for a photo of Gueye

As a result, the French Football Federation addressed Idrissa Gueye directly in a letter. ” One of two things, either these assumptions are unfounded and we invite you without delay to express yourself in order to silence these rumorswrote the National Ethics Council of the FFF. For example, we invite you to accompany your message with a photo of you wearing the jersey in question. Either these rumors are correct. In this case, we ask you to be aware of the scope of your gesture and the very serious error committed. »

Then the CNE of the instance added a layer on the importance of this fight. ” The fight against the discrimination to which the various minorities are subject, whatever they may be, is an essential and constant fight.can we read in the mail relayed by L’Equipe. Whether it is skin color, religion, sexual orientation, or any other difference, all forms of discrimination are based on the same basis, which is the rejection of others because they are different from most. »

By refusing to participate in this collective operation, you are in fact validating discriminatory behavior, the refusal of the other, and not only against the LGBTQI + community. The impact of football on society and the ability of players to represent a role model for those who admire them gives us all a special responsibility. “, concluded the organization hoping to provoke a public reaction from Idrissa Gueye, still silent for the moment.

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