La première Dacia hybride présentée au Mondial de l'auto de Paris ?

La première Dacia hybride présentée au Mondial de l’auto de Paris ?

It was expected for 2023, but it may not have to wait so long after all, Dacia should take advantage of the Paris Motor Show which will be held from October 17 to 23, 2022 to unveil the highly anticipated wireless hybrid variant. of his brand new Jogger. In any case, this is announced by the Romanian newspaper Profit. Which makes sense because, when you think about it, the marketing was planned for next year, and it would be a shame if the Romanian brand came empty-handed to the next World Cup. However, the news is not very busy at Dacia and this is understandable: the Spring, like the crossover, has just started its career, the Sandero is still very young and the Duster SUV was redesigned last year. In short, the only novelty that we are still waiting for is this hybrid engine that will embark under its hood the new born of the “low-cost” manufacturer which is no longer really one.

Which hybrid technology for the Dacia Jogger?

This is the question that arises about it. It should receive the same engine-box assembly as its cousins ​​from Renault (Clio, Captur and Arkana) but with all the same a small evolution. Because its mechanical will be composed, for the thermal part, of an evolution to 1.8 of its atmospheric block displaying until now 1.6 l, but which will this time be equipped with an Atkinson combustion cycle to improve its efficiency, and therefore its consumption balance without lose brilliantly. It will therefore not share the hybrid group of the all-new Austral (the replacement for the Kadjar) which benefits from an unprecedented 3-cylinder 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine associated with an electric motor and a 1.7 kWh lithium-ion battery. Because 200 hp (that’s what it delivers in total), it would be far too much – and too expensive – under the hood of a Dacia which is, in essence, rather reasonable. For the Jogger, the power should remain around 140-145 hp, and the original automatic gearbox with claws and without clutch will be there. If the Romanian brand manages to keep the price of the Hybrid Jogger around €20,000 as announced to us during the launch at the end of 2021, it would be an excellent performance when we know for example that a Clio E-Tech starts at a little more than 22,000 € and it would be, in fact, the quasi-guarantee of a great success.

Encouraging start for the Dacia Jogger and customer appetite for the LPG version

Especially since, for the moment, it is the GPL version that seems to attract buyers in priority. By little, certainly, but it wins the battle against the new 3-cylinder 1.0 petrol engine of 110 hp by totaling more than one out of two sales. neither of the two aforementioned engines offering such a transmission.

The first results of the Jogger are encouraging. While deliveries only started in February, it is already positioned in 43rd place among the best-selling models since the beginning of the year (from January to April) and exceeds, for example, the aging Kadjar. In total, “registrations of this model in Europe reached 5,210 units at the end of March”, the Romanian magazine tells us. But above all, “the order intake is 3 to 4 times higher” and the “delivery time can be up to 3 months”.

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