La Chine va réaliser un complexe pétrochimique en Algérie

La Chine va réaliser un complexe pétrochimique en Algérie

Sonatrach announced on Thursday May 19 that it had awarded a new contract to a Chinese group. Last February 17, it awarded a contract worth 25 billion dinars (180 million dollars) to China’s Sinopec for the EPC construction of an LNG storage tank in Skikda.

This Thursday, the Algerian public oil group chose the Chinese group CNTIC/LPEC for the construction of a new oil installation in Arzew near Oran.

The two parties signed a contract on Thursday for the construction of Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether “MTBE” production facilities, Sonatrach said in a press release, without specifying whether it was a voluntary award.

With a capacity of 200,000 tonnes, “MTBE” will be built near the Methanol petrochemical complex (CP1Z) in Arzew, according to the same source.

The amount of the contract is 76 billion dinars, or more than 520 million dollars at the current rate (one dollar for nearly 146 dinars).

Its duration is set at 36 months. The entry into force of this complex is scheduled for May 2025 and the start of performance of the contract for June 2022.

This project is financed by the public bank BNA (National Bank of Algeria) up to 70%, according to the same source. Support for the rest of the investment has not been specified by Sonatrach.

The benefits of this project

The Algerian oil group specified that “the project falls within the framework of the petrochemical development program included in its medium-term investment plan”.

This project will enable Sonatrach to produce “MTBE used as an additive for the manufacture of unleaded gasoline at refinery level”. With an annual production of 200,000 tons, this project will allow Algeria to no longer import this additive, the current cost of which is around 1100 USD/ton, the import cost, according to the same source.

In 2021, Algeria had imported 170 million of this product, still according to Sonatrach which explains that the surplus of this product will be in Arzew will be “exported via the port facilities of the refinery of this city (RA1Z)

In addition, Sontrach indicates that this project will allow the “valorization of methanol from the CP1Z complex which will be used as a feedstock for the production of MTBE, the development of the petrochemical heritage of the Company as well as local skills in this field.

Sonatrach also indicates that this project will enable the “creation of approximately 3,500 jobs during the construction phase and 200 jobs during the operation phase” and the “mobilization of national subcontracting.

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