La carte d'Elden Ring a évolué sans que personne ne s'en aperçoive

La carte d’Elden Ring a évolué sans que personne ne s’en aperçoive

FromSoftware has secretly made a number of changes to the world map of‘Elden Ringwithout talking about it.

Illusory Wall shared in a YouTube video, on May 10, 2022, important information about the map ofElden Ring. She knows indeed some changes since the release of the game without anyone noticing. How is it possible ?

The map of‘Elden Ring has marked players around the world as the huge areas that make it up are all as well worked as each other. The Underworld is vast and, above all, ruthless. From Necrolimbo to Mount Gelmir, passing through the red lands of Caelid, the landscapes are diverse, and the creatures terrifying too. FromSoftware’s masterpiece has received several updates since its release on February 25, 2022. The developers have made a number of performance improvements, fixed some bugs and rebalanced a whole host of skills and weapons, but that’s not all.

Elden Ring // Source: Bandai Namco

Like many studios, FromSoftware is able to make changes that are not mentioned in the patch notes. Players must discover them for themselves in order to follow what really changes from patch to patch..

Changes in updatesElden Ring are generally relevant, which is why gamers tend to search for them. But some go completely unnoticed. Illusory Wall, a Youtuber fascinated by the world ofElden Ringdiscovered that the game map had undergone a lot of changes without being mentioned by FromSoftware.

In the video, the Youtuber shows how each of the main regions ofElden Ring evolves and changes since the game was released. FromSoftware has cleaned up the map to trace areas and improve the accuracy of representation of the physical world. The changes are mostly minor and appear to have been made only to add locations that were not previously depicted on the map.

Elden Ring Map Evolves

Changes have been made to each of the regions ofElden Ring, the smaller ones removing roads, ruins, or other map features that weren’t very visible in-game. In other cases, they’re small, unidentifiable blocks, which could have represent rocks or ruins, which have been erased. Several visual details have also been added since the release ofElden Ring, better highlighting castle walls, and more clearly defining cliffs and roads. The icons for each area have also been changed, for clarity.

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