Kiev célèbre l’Eurovision, la Finlande et la Suède en route vers l’Otan

Kiev célèbre l’Eurovision, la Finlande et la Suède en route vers l’Otan

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news of the day

The Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra won the grand final of Eurovision 2022 this Saturday. A victory hailed by a large majority of European representatives, revealing the very strong symbolism of this first place. For Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, such unanimity is an expression of Europe’s “unwavering support” for Ukraine. “Tonight, your song won our hearts. We celebrate your victory around the world,” said European Commission President Ursulla von der Leyen.

On the Ukrainian side too, the news was greeted with joy. First by the group whose leader assured that “this victory is very important for Ukraine, especially this year”. By the Ukrainian president then. “Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe”, he wrote on Facebook, before affirming that Eurovision 2023 would be organized in Mariupol. And finally by the population, for whom the support of the European people “is very important in the current context”, underlined a resident of kyiv.

The phrase

NATO countries will support Ukraine militarily as long as necessary”

“We agree not to relax our national efforts, especially in terms of military assistance, and that we will not do so as long as Ukraine needs this assistance for the self-defense of its country”, assured German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

The number

A third. “Russia has now probably suffered losses of a third of the ground combat force it committed in February,” British military intelligence said. Believing that the Russian offensive in the Donbass region had “lost its momentum”, the latter predicted that it was going to get bogged down in its attempt to conquer the east of the country in the face of strong Ukrainian resistance.

The trend of the day

Finland and Sweden are in the process of taking the step of applying for NATO. The Finnish Head of State and a government council have validated Finland’s candidacy for this military alliance. It only remains for the Finnish Parliament to examine the membership project on Monday and vote. Sweden followed suit on Sunday. The country’s ruling Social Democratic Party has given the green light to apply for NATO membership.

The decision of the two Nordic countries was welcomed by a large part of Western representatives. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured that the United States would “strongly” support this accession, while the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg assured that it would be a “historic moment” which “would strengthen our common security”. He also assured that NATO was ready to strengthen the “security guarantees” of Finland and Sweden.

Although Turkey was reluctant to join, accusing the two countries of forgiving the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK, too easily, Jens Stoltenberg promised that a compromise would be found. At 6:30 p.m. this Sunday, Russia had not yet reacted to these announcements, but had already qualified them as an “error” in the past.

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