Juventus - Inter : les tops et flops de cette finale de la Coppa Italia |

Juventus – Inter : les tops et flops de cette finale de la Coppa Italia |

Juventus were beaten by Inter Milan on Wednesday night in the Italian Cup final with a score of 4 goals to 2 after extra time. A match and a defeat difficult to take for the players of Max Allegri who will not have a single trophy this season. It’s time to find the tops and flops of this Coppa Italia meeting.

If this category remains totally subjective and everyone will make their own opinion, the editorial staff of Juventus-fr.com gives you their opinion on this negative result and another defeat against Inter Milan after Serie A and the setback in the Super Cup. ‘Italy. Hard hard as an evening for Juventus and its Tifosi.

The tops

Paulo Dybala: a good game from our captain tonight who was playing his very last final with Juventus. La Joya was not the best but he often hampered the opposing defense and forced Handanovic to pull out all the stops in a number of situations. The Argentinian had an interesting match even if his team lost once again.

Dusan Vlahovic: finally a good game from our Serb who was even rewarded with a goal, the second for his team. In the first half, he comes across an exceptional goalkeeper because his shot is absolutely perfect. If Juventus suffer a defeat, their match is to be remembered for the end of the season and in particular the duel against Lazio Rome on Monday.

Giorgio Chiellini: for his last game in the Italian Cup with Juventus and perhaps his last game in the Bianconero jersey, he played Chiellini. Strong in duels and still as clever, he couldn’t do much on interist goals. A last successful before leaving for other challenges even if he would have liked to offer a new Italian Cup to Juventus, which would have been his 21st title with the Old Lady. A great gentleman is about to leave Piedmont. Grazie Go GO Gorilla.

The flops

Mattia Perin: he conceded four goals and it’s hard not to put him in the flops. If the four goals are difficult to stop, it was quite average and the score might have been very different if Szczesny had started the game. He is in difficulty on a lot of actions and on the first goal, he can do a little better even if the strike is magnificent.

Dennis Zakaria: match to forget for our Swiss international. He was unable to win the midfield battle. It’s no coincidence that Allegri pulls it out quickly. He was not at the level of such a final. A real and big disappointment for the one who joined the club this winter.

Matthijs DeLigt: very bad game from our central defender who went through. He makes silly mistakes and lets the opponent get plenty of chances. Correct first half but second half and overtime catastrophic. His fault is absurd on the Inter penalty.

Juan Cuadrado: he was eagerly awaited and he missed his return to competition. He defends very badly on the first goal and lets Barella strike without pressure. He tried things but without success. Bad game on his part.

Massimiliano Allegri: his exit late in the game prompted his name in our flops category. Allegri made some very questionable choices like starting Perin for a final against the reigning Italian champion. Max Allegri made a mistake in his composition and he very quickly wanted to change with the entry into play of Alvaro Morata. Arthur was also below, as were Zakaria and Adrien Rabiot. Very questionable choices and his attitude in overtime is not the right one. She tipped and put an end to the hopes of equalization of her players who were lost. No title, never seen for 10 years, this is the very big flop of this evening. In four games against Inter this season, he will never have managed to find the solution.

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