Jeux vidéo: La réponse de la FIFA au changement de nom du jeu vidéo "FIFA" en "EA Sports FC"

Jeux vidéo: La réponse de la FIFA au changement de nom du jeu vidéo “FIFA” en “EA Sports FC”

A few hours after the announcement by the American video game publisher Electronic Arts to rename the game “FIFA” to “EA Sports FC”, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) published a press release announcing that it would soon launch new games called… “FIFA”.

After the latent conflict between “FIFA” players and “PES” players, are we about to experience a parochial dispute between supporters of the game now called “EA Sports FC” and the brand new “FIFA” franchise? It will be necessary to wait until 2024 for gamers to make their choice between the various football simulation games, but this is the path that the sector seems to be taking, after the press release published by the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) on Tuesday evening.

A few hours after the announcement by the American video game publisher Electronic Arts of the change of name from “FIFA” to “EA Sports FC”, FIFA therefore responded by announcing that it was embarking on the production of football video games with the upcoming publication of new… “FIFA”. What to get lost between all these franchises, but do not panic, we explain everything to you.

An ultimate FIFA 23 before the name change

On Tuesday, Electronic Arts therefore announced the arrival of EA Sports FC. A change of facade which follows the end of the contract between EA and FIFA. This partnership had started in May 2013 and yielded, according to information from Tariq Panja, journalist at New York Times, nearly 85 million euros per year to FIFA. In its press release published on Tuesday evening, this latest announcement has allowed EA to release an ultimate FIFA 23. Before taking the name of the franchise back into its fold.

FIFA will become EA Sports FC, and EA has already announced that gamers will still be able to take advantage of league, club and player licenses. But the American publisher will have to deal with competition from FIFA, which has therefore announced that it wants to market, during 2022 and 2023, the first football video games. These first outings, already in production, will revolve around the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

After the release of these different games, FIFA intends to take up the torch from EA and continue with FIFA 24, FIFA 25, etc. “I can assure you that the only and authentic game that will bear the FIFA name will be the best available for football players and fans,” said Gianni Infantino in the statement released by FIFA.

A completely disrupted sector

FIFA therefore wishes to capitalize on the brand image created by EA by using the name of the FIFA franchise. The news marks another major change in the industry after Japanese publisher Konami terminated its Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) license, replacing it with eFootball.

While EA could envisage bright days with the weakening of its main rival, this end of contract and FIFA’s wishes call everything into question. The American studio has its 25 million players around the world on its side, according to its report published in 2020. It remains to be seen which side these 25 million players will be on when it comes to choosing between EA Sports FC and FIFA.

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