Jean Castex, sur le départ de Matignon, annule son ultime déplacement à l’étranger

Jean Castex, sur le départ de Matignon, annule son ultime déplacement à l’étranger

It must have been his 352and and last trip as Prime Minister. Jean Castex will not finally go to the Vatican, Sunday, May 15, to attend the canonization of the explorer Charles de Foucauld.

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While his resignation is expected in the coming hours, this trip to Rome was canceled on Saturday due to Emmanuel Macron’s express trip to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday to pay tribute to the late President, Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zayed Al Nahyane, died Friday at the age of 73. In order to prevent the two heads of the executive from being simultaneously outside France, Mr. Castex will be replaced in the Vatican by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.

A final buffet with the ministers

One month before the legislative elections, and while Emmanuel Macron’s second term officially began on Saturday at midnight, Mr. Castex is preparing to leave office, a little less than two years after his appointment, in July 2020, for take over from Edouard Philipe. In early May, government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced that Mr. Castex and his ministers “will stay[ent] in place “until at least May 13. “The Castex government will complete its task and will remain in place until the end of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term”, he said. As for the name and date of the appointment of the next leader or the next head of government, the mystery remains at this hour whole.

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This week, Mr. Castex therefore bade farewell to the Matignon staff on Wednesday, then Thursday evening to the ministers, invited to a buffet in the gardens with their spouses. The last council of ministers of the government of Mr. Castex thus took place on Wednesday May 11. On this occasion, the Head of State “thanked everyone for the work that has been done. (…) He said with solemnity and affection that he had been very proud to be around this table with Jean Castex and his government for the past two years.reported Mr. Attal after the Council of Ministers.

The resignation of the government announced by mistake on its site

In addition, on Saturday morning, the government website displayed for almost an hour a page announcing the resignation of the Castex government, “due to technical problems”rectified Matignon with Agence France-Presse (AFP), which thus confirmed information from France Télévisions.

The web page displayed by mistake on is “regularly used in case of redesign. It’s been prepared for a while now. It’s a ghost page that came up in Google searches. The Government Information Service has contacted the search engine to rectify”said Matignon, specifying that the page is now ” dereferenced and unpublished”. “Only press releases are authentic. There is no redesign planned to our knowledge today”concluded the entourage of the Prime Minister to AFP.

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