Jayson Tatum relève une nouvelle fois la tête en sortie de défaite

Jayson Tatum relève une nouvelle fois la tête en sortie de défaite

It is for Boston, a great reason to believe in the title. At only 24 years old, Jayson Tatum has established himself as the number one player in a franchise that plays very big. This night again, in the blowout inflicted on the Heat, his consistency allowed control of a match which – by its stakes – could have turned in the other direction. Debrief.

And you, what were you doing at 24? In the FTX Arena tunnel, Jayson Tatum carries Deuce – his four-year-old kid – on his shoulders. The Boston winger has just snatched Game 2 of a conference final, and thus regained home field advantage. His match, without deserving a parade of superlatives, was good: 27 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 interception at 8/13 shooting, including 4/6 from 3-pointers. But this morning, despite the huge blow made by Boston on this meeting, it is the overall dynamic of the player that we want to talk about. On these Playoffs, he runs at 28.2 points at 45% shooting including 39% from the parking lot, 5.8 rebounds, 6 assists and 1.5 interceptions. A quality statistical line, which moreover hides a great sense of timing. As mentioned by the tweet below, Jayson Tatum is best in post-loss games. From one meeting to another, he does not allow the opponent to transform a short lead into a serious option towards the next round. If a score sheet of 27 units does not seem stratospheric, it is more in the distribution of his points that the former Duke shone. In the first half, when the gap was formed, Tatum sent 20 points to 7/10 in shooting including 3/4 to 3-pointers. Not giving the Heat time to settle into the game, that was the plan.

And if they went to the end? The Celtics collective is enchanted. When everyone is in their game – coordination phenomenon much more frequent this season – the Celtics have so far found no team capable of standing up to them. This alchemy, invoked by a marvelous squad construction, places Jayson Tatum in excellent condition to mark the NBA with his passing, from the age of 24. We haven’t opened the Guinness Book of Basketball yet, but we’re not sure that many of them have won a title so early, with such an impact. For the small home stat, we have to go back to 2011 and the Jason Terry era in Dallas for a player with the initials “JT” participates in a Game 2 of a conference final, and distills at least 5 assists. The kind of accomplishment that took 45 minutes to find, which is probably fake – worthless anyway – and which you will have already forgotten by the end of this sentence. Well, it’s still a little early to watch for records to fall, and Jayson Tatum must first reiterate at home. Performing out of defeat is good. Not performing in defeat because there was no defeat is better.

Once is not custom but twelve begin to be, the Celtics recover the advantage of the field thanks to a Jayson Tatum proprissime, again. See you in the night from Saturday to Sunday, at 2:30 a.m., for the third round of this series.

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