Jayson Tatum fier de ses lieutenants

Jayson Tatum fier de ses lieutenants

If he splashed this conference semi-final with all his talent, Jayson Tatum did not pull the cover on him after Game 7. During the key moments of this series against the Bucks, the leader of the Celtics has in turn been able to count on the precious boosts of Jaylen Brown in Game 2, A Horford in Game 4 (30 points each) and therefore Grant Williams in Game 7 won yesterday at TD Garden (27 points).

This versatility is one of the keys to Boston’s success, which has found different solutions in the series.

” It’s a team sport. In the playoffs, you play a team seven times in a row. We know how they play, they know our playing tendencies. They’re not going to let me play freely, that kind of thing. Each match can be a different player who stands out. Everyone has to raise their level”did he declare.

Two key moments that brought out the cohesion of the team

In Game 7, the two sequences that swung the meeting after the break allowed us to highlight this strength of the collective. First there was this run, during which Jayson Tatum, an unstoppable scorer in the previous game, turned into a passer by drawing the Milwaukee defense into the key for 3-pointers from Grant Williams and Jaylen Brown, before to send a lob pass for a 2+1 from Jaylen Brown.

Almost immediately, Boston had to hold on to finish the third quarter, when Jayson Tatum collected his fourth foul and found himself on the bench. At that time, the Celtics did better than hold the shock especially with a big pass from Grant Williams.

“It was huge. The way they played together, moving the ball, making the right choices on both sides of the court and even growing the gap. I was really happy and excited from the bench”he added, before slipping a word for the hero of the evening, Grant Williams. “Grant was great tonight. He’s the one who took the most shots in the team, I think it’s the first time. He took 18 3-point shots… I told him not to get used to it. But of course, tonight we needed him, and he answered present. We need that in the playoffs, guys who stand out and play like stars in their roles. And Grant helped us win Game 7 tonight. I’m very happy for him.”.

The C’s collective will now measure up to the best in the East on this point, and with a little less rest since they will have to be in uniform tomorrow, in Miami, to fight it out.

Jayson Tatum Percentage Bounces
Season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2017-18 BOS 80 31 47.5 43.4 82.6 0.6 4.4 5.0 1.6 2.1 1.0 1.4 0.7 13.9
2018-19 BOS 79 31 45.0 37.3 85.5 0.9 5.2 6.0 2.1 2.1 1.1 1.5 0.7 15.7
2019-20 BOS 66 34 45.0 40.3 81.2 1.0 6.0 7.0 3.0 2.1 1.4 2.4 0.9 23.4
2020-21 BOS 64 36 45.9 38.6 86.8 0.8 6.6 7.4 4.3 1.9 1.2 2.7 0.5 26.4
2021-22 BOS 76 36 45.3 35.3 85.3 1.1 6.9 8.0 4.4 2.3 1.0 2.9 0.6 26.9
Total 365 33 45.6 38.3 84.4 0.9 5.8 6.6 3.0 2.1 1.1 2.1 0.7 20.9

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