Il y aurait des « changements majeurs » dans iOS 16, la prochaine mise à jour de l'iPhone

Il y aurait des « changements majeurs » dans iOS 16, la prochaine mise à jour de l’iPhone

In his weekly newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that iOS 16 will be a pretty big update, including new apps.

On June 6, during its WWDC conference, Apple will announce iOS 16 and its other software updates for 2022. As every year, the presentation of future iPhone software will be particularly scrutinized. It must be said that Apple has the particularity of deploying iOS updates to hundreds of millions of devices simultaneously, which has an immense impact on society. iOS 16 therefore naturally interests us and, in the coming weeks, is likely to regularly occupy the news.

In the meantime, we are satisfied with all the little information that we can obtain. In his weekly newsletter, published on May 15, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman answers a question about iOS 16. He notably cites new Apple apps that are about to appear.

Major changes

First of all, it seems important to us to remember that a software leak is rarely precise. For several years, Apple has got into the habit of hiding the new features of its future versions from its own engineers. Those who work on AppleMusic have pre-releases with only new stuff AppleMusicthose who develop Maps are only informed of news from Mapsetc.

As a result, it is almost impossible to know everything in advance. Mark Gurman therefore does not list the potential novelties, but only a general feeling from several conversations: “While I don’t expect Apple to introduce a complete software overhaul, there should be major changes across the system, new ways to interact and some fresh Apple apps. The news regarding watchOS 9 will also be important. »

Will the new ways to interact concern widgets? Some are hoping for interactive widgets. // Source: Numerama screenshot

What does Mark Gurman mean by this statement? The absence of “Complete software overhaul” to which he refers probably means that iOS 16 will retain the design introduced by iOS 7 in 2013. The rest is hard to interpret. iOS 16 could be a big update with new apps and features, but it’s unclear which ones.

The golden age of OS?

Should we expect a spectacular announcement on June 6? Quite honestly, we doubt it. The announcement of Android 13 the previous week, with very few new features, testifies to an important phenomenon: the smartphone has reached maturity. Wanting permanent revolution no longer makes sense. iOS, like Android, are very complete. However, we can’t wait to discover Apple’s announcements.

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