Guerre en Ukraine : un enregistrement audio du naufrage du croiseur Moskva révélé

Guerre en Ukraine : un enregistrement audio du naufrage du croiseur Moskva révélé

The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet sank in April. The recording revealed by the Ukrainians but not authenticated would support kyiv’s thesis that the ship was hit by two missiles.

Tugboat, do you read me?“, shouts a Russian voice, barely covering the tumult of the sirens and crackling which pollute the communication, “semergency on the Moskva !“. In a recording released by the Ukrainian military authorities and relayed by The Kyiv Independent the last moments of the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, sunk on April 14, may have been captured.

The cruiser sank more than a month after the start of the war in Ukraine and the causes of the event were divided until today. kyiv claimed to have fired two R-360 Neptune anti-ship missiles while Moscow persisted in saying that a “accidental firehad plunged the cruiser to the bottom of the Black Sea. These audio recordings support the Ukrainian thesis, but the video, to date, has not been formally authenticated, as American journalist Chris Cavas, a specialist in naval issues, recalls.

“The boat is going to overturn”

Two hits. The boat will overturn on its side, tilt 30 degrees, the propeller is destroyed“, can be heard in the audio shared by the Ukrainian media, “the impact is below the waterline, impossible to approach the towing boat!panics the man. The recording stops after the last words: “rescue of the crew requested!“. If this communication turns out to be authentic, the Russian version is seriously damaged, a fire not being able to be at the origin of “impacts“.

Officially, Russia recognizes that the sinking left one dead and 26 missing, while the ship could have up to 680 crew members, and has since published a video of part of the crew, ashore, without that it can be authenticated. On April 15, Natalia Goumeniouk, spokesperson for the military command of the southern region of Ukraine commented on the events of the previous day:We watched the boats trying to help him, but even the forces of nature were on Ukraine’s side“, because “a storm prevented the rescue of the boat and the evacuation of the crew. On this point, uncertainty therefore remains. the Moskva is, according to The Independent Kyivthe largest Russian warship sunk since World War II and the first Russian flagship sunk since the Russo-Japanese War of 1905.

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