Guerre en Ukraine : torturé et enterré vivant par des soldats russes, l'effroyable témoignage d'un Ukrainien

Guerre en Ukraine : torturé et enterré vivant par des soldats russes, l’effroyable témoignage d’un Ukrainien

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After being tortured and buried alive by Russian soldiers, Mykola Kulichenko, 33, is the only survivor of an ordeal that lasted nearly four days. Today, he comes out of silence.

Her name: Mykola Kulichenko. A miraculous Ukrainian who faked his death after being tortured by Russian soldiers for days. It was in the Chernihiv region, in northern Ukraine, that the 33-year-old man experienced the horror with his two brothers. Buried alive then abandoned, he miraculously escaped. Yevhen and Dmytro, his brothers, however, died. Tied throat, he spoke at the microphone of CNN on the ordeal he endured.

Mykola Kulichenko struggles to recount a tale he shouldn’t be alive to tell. But this Ukrainian man believes he was allowed to cheat death so he might speak for all those who cannot.

— CNN (@CNN) May 17, 2022

“They put the barrel of a gun in their mouths”

They were four, now they are only two. Mykola, Yevhen, Dmytro and Iryna, all siblings, lived in the village of Dovzhyk when Russian soldiers found their home.

Absent that day, Iryna will not experience the same fate as her brothers. The latter, suspected of hiding something, are taken to a basement to be interrogated and tortured for four days. “They beat my whole body with a metal rod and put a gun barrel in my mouth,” Mykola told CNN. After losing consciousness, he finds himself bound hand and foot, blindfolded, in a military truck with five Russian soldiers, heading for a desolate field.

“I thought I was next”

The truck stops and the three men are brought to their knees as Russian soldiers dig their graves. A first shot rang out, and Dmytro, 36, the eldest of the three, was shot, a second, and it was the turn of Yevhen, the youngest, to lose his life. “I thought I was next,” says Mykola.

A third shot is heard, the bullet pierces Mykola’s cheek and comes out next to his right ear. From that moment, he plays dead, and is buried alive, right next to his brothers. After the departure of the soldiers, he manages to extricate himself by making his way through the corpses of his brothers. “I had trouble breathing as Dmytro lay on top of me, but using my arms and knees I was able to push my older brother to the side of the pit and then climbed out,” he said. he.

“I was lucky… And now I have to go on living… This story needs to be heard by everyone, not just in Ukraine, but all over the world, because this kind of stuff happens. product and it’s only one in a billion,” he concludes.

Today, Ukraine accuses Russia of committing nearly 12,000 war crimes on its soil. An investigation by the International Criminal Court has also been opened.

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