Guerre en Ukraine: pour échapper aux Russes qui l'ont capturé, il se fait passer pour mort et est enterré vivant

Guerre en Ukraine: pour échapper aux Russes qui l’ont capturé, il se fait passer pour mort et est enterré vivant

Mykola Kulichenko, a 33-year-old Ukrainian, was tortured for several days by the Russian army. He tells how the soldiers tried to kill him and bury him, while he was still alive.

The more the conflict in Ukraine progresses, the more the number of testimonies of war crimes committed by the Russian army increases, in particular in the cities abandoned by the Russians, which are now concentrated in the east of the country. This is the case in the Chernihiv region, where Mykola Kulichenko, a 33-year-old Ukrainian, was buried alive by Russian soldiers, says CNN.

On March 18, a column of the Russian army was shelled near Dovzhyk, the village where Mykola and her family lived. The Russians look for those responsible, and find the small wooden house where Mykola and her two brothers, Yevhen and Dmytro, live.

Tortured for several days

Suspected, the three men are embarked and taken to a basement where they will be beaten for several days, tells Mykola Kulichenko to the American channel.

“They hit me with a metal bar, and put a gun barrel in my mouth,” he said.

Tortured, he loses consciousness after four days of captivity. When he wakes up, he realizes that he is with his brothers in a military vehicle, hands and feet tied, blindfolded.

Arrived at their destination, the three brothers are kneeled and held still, Mykola told CNN, while the Russians dig their graves.

left for dead

The 33-year-old Ukrainian heard a first shot and felt his older brother, Dmytro, fall to the ground, before it was the turn of Yevhen, the youngest.

“I thought I was going to be next,” says Mykola.

But by chance, the bullet that was intended for him pierces his cheek and comes out at the level of his right ear. He is seriously injured, but still alive. To keep a chance of survival, Mykola pretends to be dead and is thrown into the pit, along with his two brothers. The bodies are then covered with earth. Hands and legs still tied, Mykola manages to make her way.

“I was having trouble breathing as Dmytro was lying on top of me, but using my arms and knees I managed to push my older brother to the side of the pit and then I got out” , he testified to CNN.

“It’s just one in a billion cases”

The Russians having abandoned the place, Mykola manages to join a house nearby, where a woman takes care of him and welcomes him for the night. The 33-year-old man survives, and returns home.

“I was lucky. And now I just have to go on living,” he says, calling his survival a miracle.

“This story needs to be heard by everyone, not just in Ukraine, but all over the world, because this stuff happens and it’s just one in a billion,” he said.

This Tuesday, the United States announced the creation of an “observatory”, initially endowed with six million dollarsto “collect, analyze and widely share evidence” of war crimes that they blame on Russia in Ukraine.

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