Guerre en Ukraine : Les impressionnantes images satellites d'un navire russe coulé par des missiles ukrainiens

Guerre en Ukraine : Les impressionnantes images satellites d’un navire russe coulé par des missiles ukrainiens

Satellite images show a Russian warship sunk by Ukrainian missiles off Snake Island in the Black Sea.

The Russian armada in the Black Sea has indeed suffered a new loss. The Ukrainian Navy indicated on May 7 that a Bayraktar TB2 combat drone had destroyed a Serna landing ship.

Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 destroyed another Russian ship. This time the landing craft of the “Serna” project. The traditional parade of the Russian Black Sea fleet on May 9 this year will be held near Snake Island – at the bottom of the sea.

— Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) May 7, 2022

Information that had not been confirmed by the Russian forces.

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But images released on Thursday by Maxar Technologies, an American company specializing in satellite imagery, show that a Serna, a fast landing ship, was actually sunk.

NEW: A Ukrainian-owned Bayraktar drone strike sunk a Russian Serna-class landing craft at Snake Island in the Black Sea, per satellite photos taken today.

Ukraine took out Russian air defenses and resupply vessels with the Bayraktar drones.


—Jack Detsch (@JackDetsch) May 13, 2022

We #SnakeIslanda barge with a heavy-lift crane is positioned close to a sunken Serna-class landing craft that had recently been struck reportedly by Ukrainian #drones. On the island, #imagery from May 12, 2022 provides a closer view of the damaged buildings from recent attacks.

—Maxar Technologies (@Maxar) May 13, 2022

On other shots, we even see what Maxar Technologies identifies as the Serna performing evasive maneuvers near smoke trails. The latter would come from missiles fired in the direction of the boat, according to the American company.

May 12, 2022 #imagery shows the aftermath of probable missile attacks on a Russian Serna-class landing craft near #SnakeIsland. Smoke contrails can be seen, likely from missiles/munitions that had been fired toward the ship and the landing craft is seen making evasive maneuvers.

—Maxar Technologies (@Maxar) May 13, 2022

This loss is a new big blow to the Russian strike capacity in the Black Sea and to the image of its fleet. The sinking of the Russian Navy’s flagship Moskva, which sank on April 14, is seen as a humiliation for Russia, as on Thursday Ukrainian forces reported damaging a modern Russian Navy logistics vessel, Vsevolod Bobrov, also near Snake Island.

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