Guerre en Ukraine en direct : les Etats-Unis s’apprêtent à débloquer 40 milliards de dollars supplémentaires pour l’Ukraine

Guerre en Ukraine en direct : les Etats-Unis s’apprêtent à débloquer 40 milliards de dollars supplémentaires pour l’Ukraine

United States: the House of Representatives adopts the aid plan of 40 billion dollars to Ukraine

The US House of Representatives has largely adopted – 368 votes for, 57 against – a staggering envelope of nearly 40 billion dollars (38 billion euros) for the Ukrainian crisis, following Joe Biden in his unwavering support for kyiv. The text was supported by all voting Democrats and nearly three-quarters of Republicans. It must now be voted on in the Senate before being promulgated by the American president.

Joe Biden had been calling for a huge $33 billion budget extension for several weeks to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion. But, Monday evening, Democratic and Republican leaders agreed to go even further, finding a compromise around an envelope of 40 billion dollars, the equivalent of Cameroon’s GDP in 2020.

“With this aid program, America sends a signal to the world of our unwavering determination to support the brave people of Ukraine until victory” against Moscow, underlined Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President of the House of Representatives, a few hours before this text was adopted by elected officials from both camps.

“The Ukrainian people desperately need our support”said Democratic Representative Rosa DeLauro, chair of the House Appropriations Committee. “Vladimir Putin and his cronies must be held accountable. This bill does so by protecting democracy, limiting Russian aggression, and strengthening our own national security,” did she justify.

“As China, Iran and North Korea watch our response, we must show the world that America stands firm with its allies and will do what is necessary to protect our interests abroad.” said Republican Kay Granger.

In detail, the law includes $6 billion to arm and train Ukrainian forces, $8.7 billion to replenish the US arms stockpile, and $3.9 billion for US forces deployed in the region. There is also $8.8 billion in economic support for Ukraine, $4 billion to help Ukraine and its allies finance the purchase of arms and equipment, and $900 million for housing. , education and other aid for Ukrainian refugees in the United States. The text also provides $5 billion to address global food shortages caused by the war that is crippling Ukraine’s normally strong production of many crops.

If passed, the new law would bring U.S. support to nearly $54 billion, including the $13.6 billion in congressional support already signed into law in March.

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