Guerre en Ukraine : à Marioupol, le bataillon Azov tente de résister au régiment Wagner

Guerre en Ukraine : à Marioupol, le bataillon Azov tente de résister au régiment Wagner



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J. Chamoulaud, M. de Chalvron, J. Cohen-Olivieri – franceinfo

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While all the civilians have apparently been evacuated from the Azovstal factory (Ukraine), 700 Ukrainian soldiers are still held there. Their relatives have called for a rescue operation to be launched despite the risks.

These fights, filmed by a Ukrainian soldier are the last images of the fighters of the Azov regiment, currently entrenched in what remains of the immense metallurgical site of Mariupol (Ukraine). Besieged by the Russian army, the Ukrainian soldiers refuse to surrender. On this propaganda video, with loud reinforcements of hard rock music, the Wagner regiment of pro-Russian paramilitaries bombards the soldiers of Azov, who are trying to flee through the tunnels of the steelworks. And for these Ukrainian fighters surrender is not an option, they are determined to fight until the end: “Every day could be our last. It might be our last moments now, but who cares? My country knows what we’re doing here, but I’m not sure our government knows. We’re stuck for more than two months with no connection no supply very little reserve, we are in autarky”.

Video messages broadcast for several weeks to ask the international community to intervene. Their relatives gathered yesterday in kyiv to relay this call for help: “My son is in hell in Azovstal and he continues to fight. We ask you to send an unarmed civilian ship to retrieve ours. Anything can happen, there is a risk that they will be killed during the attack. extraction, but we don’t really have a choice”. According to kyiv, there would be no more civilians, but still 700 Azov soldiers in the basements of the huge industrial site of Azovstal. Among them, these many wounded photographed by one of their own and entrenched in very difficult living conditions. They are promised certain death, if no operation to exfiltrate them is organized.

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