Google vous permet de mieux gérer vos tâches récurrentes sur smartphone

Google vous permet de mieux gérer vos tâches récurrentes sur smartphone

Google has updated its Google Tasks app to let you set up recurring tasks and the end date for those tasks.

If there are many applications for managing “to do list” on Android, Google also offers its own version with Google Tasks. This application, which automatically synchronizes with Gmail and Google Calendar on PC, allows you to add lists and sublists of items to check.

However, the application still lacked a feature that was particularly practical for filling in the items completed or not each day: the recurrence of the deadline. Indeed, if it was already possible, on Google Calendar or Gmail, to configure a task so that it returns every week, every day or every month in its task list, it was not available on the Google Tasks app on Android.

A function now offered on the Google Tasks application

However, this is now the case as announced by Google in a blog post posted this week:

Currently, you can set an end date for a recurring task (never, on a certain date, or after X occurrences) by opening the task in Google Calendar. With this update, you will also be able to manage this option directly in Google Tasks. This will give you more control over how and until when a task will repeat.

Google allows you to better manage your recurring tasks on your smartphone

The idea is for example to allow users to be able to create a single task that will be repeated at regular intervals up to a certain point. For example, if you run errands every Saturday, plan to run every other day, or need to perform the same task every week for two months, you can manage this recurrence directly within the Google Tasks app. Above all, the update allows you to manage tasks directly from your smartphone, within the Android application, without having to turn on your PC to open Google Calendar or Gmail.

This Google Tasks update will be gradually rolled out to all Google Tasks users over the next two weeks.

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