Fortnite : Une nouvelle légende de film d'action rejoint le casting

Fortnite : Une nouvelle légende de film d’action rejoint le casting

Game News Fortnite: A new action movie legend joins the cast

After Rambo, Alien and the Predator, it’s another 1980s legend’s turn to show off his helmet in Fortnite!

RoboCop arrives in the Battle Royale

After having made a small excursion on the side of Mortal Kombat 11, RoboCop, the star of Hollywood films of the 1980s, decides to come and take a small tour in Fortnite. Eh yes, as of now, Paul Verhoeven’s character is now available in the Battle Royale Item Shop, but it does not come alone. He comes with a pickaxe or a back bling that takes the shape of his nemesis’ leg. The character and the pickaxe/back accessory are of course available in the RoboCop pack.

The RoboCop outfit includes the LEG-209 back accessory, the leg of an ED-209 which is also available separately as a pickaxe. Get both cosmetic items in the RoboCop bundle and use the LEG-209 as a pickaxe or back bling. Epic Games

That’s not all, the pack also includes the Mini ED-209 mobile emote that allows you to ride this accessory like no other.

A YouTuber is also entering

Another little surprise: YouTuber Ali-A also lands in the game. The latter has the right to various combinations, a unique emote, many accessories, but also to a new quest which notably allows to unlock a new spray. To obtain this item, you must eliminate a total of 25 opponents during the Ali-A experience, which will be available from the launch of update 20.40, until May 30. This experience notably takes the form of an underground arena.

You may have visited Ali-A’s Experience, recently accessible and created by Ali-A’s Team Atomic. The discernible silhouette at the entrance became clearer, revealing Ali-A’s new outfit! Launch onto the island, collect a weapon at the entrance, and battle in the underground arena as you uncover shards of Fortnite history. (Island code: 5135-8778-2901)

Also note that it is possible to unlock one of Ali-A’s armors as well as the Ali-Tech Backrest back accessory by participating in duos in the Zero Construction competition which will take place on May 18 (the opening hours of competition are available in the game’s Competition tab). To walk away with the set, you have to do a Victory Royale. You are allowed ten attempts.

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