Forspoken : Jamais un monde ouvert n'a eu de chargement aussi court sur PS5

Forspoken : Jamais un monde ouvert n’a eu de chargement aussi court sur PS5

Game news Forspoken: Never has an open world had such a short loading time on PS5

Forspoken is back in the spotlight today to reveal some good news: the game’s loading times on PS5 will be extremely short.


Initially expected to land on PlayStation 5 and PC on May 24, Forspoken, since its release date was pushed back to October 11, has been getting people talking. Indeed, the Luminous Productions game published by Square Enix presented itself at the State of Play in March to unveil its beautiful plastic, then returned to the front of the stage at the end of the same month twice with two long gameplay videos (the latest of which is available above). Moreover, even today, the RPG in the open world is in the spotlight…

Teppei Ono, Technical Director of Forspoken, spoke today to discuss the power of the PlayStation 5, but also the latest technologies used by the game. The two elements together allow the game to enjoy extremely fast loading times . In effect, according to the technical director, it would simply take less than a second to load the RPG.

The PS5 boasts incredibly fast loading times thanks to dedicated hardware. With a PC equipped with the M.2 SSD, gamers will be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about loading times, both on PS5 and PC. Teppei Ono, Technical Director at Luminous Productions

Better, Teppei Ono even specifies that the RPG will load faster on Sony’s console than on PC. On PC, the loading time may indeed vary between 2 and 20 seconds, depending on the hardware used by the players.

Forspoken: Never has an open world had such a short loading time on PS5Forspoken: Never has an open world had such a short loading time on PS5


Finally, we learn that the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of Forspoken come with a new technology: FSR 2.0. Teppei Ono defines FSR 2.0 as “a technology that produces upscaled high-resolution outputs while reducing rendering overhead to provide a smoother gaming experience.” Of course, to satisfy all player profiles, when it is launched on October 11, 2022, Forspoken will also benefit from two display modes, namely Quality and Performance.

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